A pleasant trip for a family of three-Huangshan in Anhui, West Lake in Hangzhou

The travel destination chosen by the son for this trip is also the first paid vacation after his son works, and this is the opportunity for this tour! Since my son works in the north (Baoding, Hebei), our family lives in the south (Chongqing), so our itinerary is to divide the two soldiers and meet at Huangshan City (that is, Tunxi)!

Huangshan-known as Yishan in ancient times, in 747 AD, it was renamed Huangshan because of the legend that the Yellow Emperor was practicing alchemy here. Worthy of being a "world heritage". It is famous for its strange pine, strange stone, cloud sea and hot spring.

Panoramic view of Huangshan

The son's holiday starts on August 1, 2016, and the Huangshan City meeting is scheduled for the 31st. We departed from Chongqing on July 30, 2016, the choice of transportation railway-soft sleeper (Note: transportation is selected by your favorite, we choose the ancient railway transportation is the safest tool. High-speed rail is not selected because of the departure time and Arrival time can not meet the demand.) The son departed from Baoding, Hebei on the 31st.

On the Chongqing-Hefei train, the train is very comfortable and not crowded.

It is true to choose a soft sleeper. The key is to lie quietly on the sleeper bed during the trip, you can choose to read, read the newspaper, send WeChat, etc. according to your wishes. You can wake up when you are tired! It's so cool.

After getting off the train, it is very convenient to take a bus to Hefei High Speed ​​Rail Station, and then take the high speed rail to Huangshan City (that is, Tunxi). Special note: Because there is no direct railway transportation from Chongqing to Huangshan, this method can only be chosen. This is because the high-speed railway station in Hefei is much larger than the high-speed railway station in Chongqing. The high-speed railway station in Chongqing is too small.

Corner of the waiting hall of Hefei South Railway Station

Hefei South Station Waiting Room

Live in Huangshan Weshang International Hotel (booked online by son in advance). Dine in Huangshan City that night, but it was the worst meal, with bad taste, insufficient quantity and high prices. Originally wanting to eat famous micro dishes can be counterproductive! Hopefully, we didn't find the right place!

Huangshan Weshang International Hotel

In the morning, walk from the hotel for about 3-4 minutes to Huangshan Railway Station (also Tunxi) by CMB (local travel company) to Yungu Temple (South Gate of Huangshan Scenic Area). The fare is 20 yuan / person. Special note: There are three routes to Denghuang Mountain. The first one is mountain climbing in the back mountain (East Road), the second one is mountain climbing in the front mountain (South Road), and the third one is mountain climbing in Taiping (North Road). In general, most tourists choose the first route, this route is mainly not going back.

From there by car to Huangshan Scenic Area

After arriving at Yungu Temple, take a bus (20 yuan / person) to go to the ropeway of the mountain. At this time, you must choose the route to go up the mountain according to your own intentions, that is, the three routes mentioned above. To climb the Huangshan Mountain-Yungu Temple-is the entrance of Huangshan Scenic Area. If you drive by car, you can only get here. If you go to parade, you should choose to stay here. Because we have no experience, we chose to stay in Tunxi. We will talk about the reasons for staying here later.

Take the car to the ropeway

Choose the direction to take the ropeway according to your intention, we go to the Yungu Temple ticket gate.

From Yungu Temple to the ropeway, you can only take this car, any other vehicles can not enter the mountain.

The mountain bike got off here, but I haven't reached the seat of the ropeway here, only by walking for about 10 minutes to reach the ropeway entrance. The ropeway queuing time is too long, this is not the time when the tourists are the most, because there are not many people queuing early. So the reasons mentioned above why the accommodation should choose Yungu Temple. This saves you about 30 minutes of waiting in line for the ropeway. The ropeway fee is 80 yuan / person, the scenic spot ticket is 230 yuan / person + 3 yuan / person (insurance) = 233 yuan / person.

Departure place

After getting off the car, walk through this passage for about 10 minutes to reach the ropeway entrance.

After getting off the mountain bus, the tourist source promenade walks towards the ropeway entrance!

In the queue to prepare for the ropeway-if you come late, this queue can be imagined-mainly because the sun is overhead, so it is the best choice to start early!

Please note the time on the photo: 9:27

Pay attention to special shots

Pay attention to special shots

The time for the ropeway is about 10 o'clock. The ropeway equipment was imported from Sweden.

Time to reach the exit of the cableway hill-Baieling: 10:15.

Because the original excitement after a long queue has been occupied by fatigue, people have to go to the Huangshan Mountain after the ropeway has been repaired and replenished with water and food, and the original street signs will be combined with the homework they have prepared in advance. The road is moving forward!

The first scene of Huangshan introduced by the lower ropeway

Scenes where people started to start after trimming

Scenes where people started to start after trimming

Huangshan pine, which was born through the vicissitudes of the sea and pastures, complements and complements the natural environment of Huangshan with its unique features, and has reached a harmony of natural landscapes.

The pine trees of Huangshan grew out of the hard Huanggang rocks

They grow on peaks, cliffs, deep valleys, and are lush and vibrant.

Huang Shansong also wonders about its unique natural shape. The needles of Huangshan Pine are short, thick and dense, the leaves are green, the branches are curved and the crown is flat, showing a simple, steady and strong momentum. On the other hand, they are very different, and they all have a peculiar beauty.

Huangshan pine is tough and proud, beautiful and peculiar, but the growth environment is very difficult, so the growth rate is extremely slow, a tall Huangshan pine, often hundreds of years old.

Huangshan pine does not grow in the soil like ordinary pine trees, but it is rooted in the cracks of high mountains and cliffs by secreting an acidic substance according to the mountain trend and wind direction.

Walking here-Paiyun Pavilion-the view is good and the view is wide.

The pine of Huangshan not only grows independently, but also has trees. When the mountain breeze blows, it is like a tidal wave that waves against the shore and is spectacular.

The most difficult part of the journey is to Fei Lai Shi. Road meets the bearer! Mountain climbing has taken about 5 hours and 30 minutes! Although this section of the road is very tiring, but because of the beautiful scenery of Huangshan, it is moving more firmly towards the summit of light.

After watching Huangshan for more than 5 hours, the body will feel a little tired! But the beauty of Huangshan is too charming, and the tiredness will follow!

Came to Feilai Shi-finally saw the original can only be seen in the movie

Feilai Stone is located on a flat rock in Pingtianzuo, Huangshan Scenic Area, Anhui Province, and was generated for natural weathering. The spectacle of flying stone was formed during the process of geological changes, and it can be described as natural.

Looking at the flying stone from another perspective-nature is really amazing

Reaching the top of Guangming is also here to watch the sunrise on the next day. Guangmingding is one of Huangshan's main peaks. At an altitude of 1860 meters, it is the second highest peak of Huangshan Mountain. Due to its flat terrain, it is one of the best places to watch the sunrise and view the sea of ​​clouds. It is named Guangmingding because it is open and wide, and the sunlight is long.

The place where Guangming Ding watched the sunset, but the God at this time was not so powerful, did you see it? There are many clouds in the sky. And there is also the phenomenon of rain.

I just saw that the clouds in the sky are going to rain, and now it becomes such a sky. This is the scenery at sunset. Huangshan, this is the endless change

Accommodation Huangshan Baiyun Hotel (booked in advance online by son, remember to make a reservation in advance) 800 yuan for one night, the hotel conditions are normal, is this the tourist destination?

The main reason to choose to live in the mountains is to watch the sunrise early the next morning! Wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning and go to Guangmingding to enjoy the favorable terrain to watch the sunrise, but there are tourists who get up earlier than us!

The sun appeared so little!

This is the charm of nature!

In order to see this natural beauty and tourists climbed to the top of the prohibited mountain-really dangerous! -Look at the upper right corner!

The main reason to choose to live in the mountains is to watch the sunrise early the next morning!

Get up at 4 am the next morning to watch the sunrise at Guangmingding

There are a lot of tourists watching the sunrise!

Huangshan at dawn is really beautiful!

First line

foreign visitor

Arrived—Welcome Pine—Huangshan's iconic scenic spot. One of Huangshan's "four musts". The branch on one side stretches out, like a person stretching out an arm to welcome guests from afar, the other hand is elegantly inserted diagonally in the trouser pocket, graceful and graceful.

Welcoming pine tourists constantly

As a landmark of Huangshan Mountain, Huangshan Yingkesong has a history of more than 1300 years.

A few days ago, this well-known Chinese and foreign thousand-year-old pine passed the "physical examination" by ancient tree experts and is in good condition.

Huangshan pine is a variant of the Chinese pine tree formed by the unique landform and climate of Huangshan. Huangshan pine generally grows at an altitude of more than 800 meters. The variety of Huangshan pine has a great relationship with the natural environment of Huangshan vendors. The seeds can be sent to the cracks of the granite by the wind, and they can germinate, take root, and grow there with unbreakable and cracking drill strength. The soil in Huangshan is scarce, but the flesh-red feldspar in the granite contains potassium. After the summer thunderstorm Nitrogen in the air becomes nitrogen salts, which can be absorbed by rock layers and soil, and then absorbed by the roots of the pine tree; the root system of the pine tree continuously secretes an organic acid, which can slowly dissolve the rock and decompose the mineral salts in the rock into self Used; plants such as flowers, trees and leaves are also decomposed into fertilizers after decay; in this way, Huangshan pine will survive and grow in barren cracks.

I originally planned to go to the hotel for a break after going down the mountain to Hangzhou the next day, but remembering yesterday's dinner was very unhappy. I just had time to catch up with the high-speed rail that only once a day, so I immediately rushed to Huangshan North Station to Hangzhou.

Arrive at Huangshan High Speed ​​Railway Station on time

Completely proceeding according to plan, on the high-speed rail on time

Successfully arrived at the destination-Hangzhou

Hangzhou is my second time to come, the first time is to come and go in a hurry. Hangzhou—full of beauty, Hangzhou—quiet because of mountains, Hangzhou—showy because of water, Hangzhou—beautiful because of people! Hangzhou-West Lake, the "human paradise" in people's minds and "light makeup and thick makeup are always suitable" we are here! Special note: There is no ticket to visit the "Heaven on Earth" tour of Hangzhou-West Lake! This is the only one in the country!

Arrive at West Lake drop off point

The legendary broken bridge-where Xu Xian and Bai Niangzi first met

Slowly walking at Baidi-starting from the broken bridge and ending at Pinghu Qiuyue

Enjoy the beauty of the world while walking at Baidi

Water, mountains, trees, corridors, pavilions are really leisurely!

When I arrived in Hangzhou, I had to go to the food shop-Louwailou

The decoration is very retro

Taste the delicious food by the West Lake—West Lake secret lotus root, fine vinegar fish (this famous dish has three choices: 1, dried fish 208 yuan / jin 2, grass carp 75 yuan / jin 3, mandarin fish 180 yuan / jin) our choice It is dried fish, called Huatong chicken, Chinese kale, Longjing shrimp.

The West Lake Sudi of Hangzhou was formed in the 5th year of Yuanyou in the Northern Song Dynasty (1090). When the poet Su Shi (Su Dongpo) served as the Zhizhou in Hangzhou, he dredged the West Lake, constructed it from the dredged mud and evolved it after generations. And named it "Sudi".

Slowly walking on the Su embankment-on both sides, the willows will be warm and pleasant along the river, and the scenery of the lake and the mountains will gradually expand as the pictures move along the embankment.

The main thing is to visit Lingyin Temple, but you have to buy tickets for the attractions of Feilai Peak before you can enter Lingyin Temple. Tickets: Feilaifeng 45 yuan / person + 30 yuan / person = 75 yuan / person packaged tickets.

Lingyin Temple-Located in the mountains of the West Lake, it is one of the famous Buddhist ancient temples in China for more than 1600 years. There is a statue of Sakyamuni 24.8 meters high in the temple.

"He" probably Chinese people should know it!

In the Southern Song Dynasty, Taoist Zen Master (Jigong), who was a monk in Lingyin Temple, held a broken fan and wore a broken hat and shoes and dirt clothes.

Leifeng Pagoda-Standing at the foot of Xizhao Mountain in front of Jingci Temple, it is famous for the sunset plated pagodas and the Buddha's light. Because of the story of Xu Xian and the White Snake, Leifeng Pagoda was endowed with too many mythological features. His true identity was the pagoda built by King Wu Yue to serve the Tibetan Buddha bun hair relics.

Tickets: 40 yuan / person

The old tower collapsed in 1924 and has now been rebuilt.

The Leifeng Pagoda before the restoration Leifeng Pagoda was rebuilt in the original site and covers the entire site. It is a scenic building combining the site's cultural relic protection cover and the tower.

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Standing on the Leifeng Tower and looking at the West Lake

Boat ticket to Yubeiting: 55 yuan / person

Qinghefang—is the political and cultural center and merchants of Hangcheng during the Southern Song Dynasty. Streets and lanes that have undergone vicissitudes of life, authentic ancient buildings on both sides, as well as unique antique houses, there are many centuries-old shops and culture, folk customs.

Ancient towns-the main signs of tourism today, each city is basically the same and the same. The commercialization of tourist spots is too heavy, but the West Lake scenic spot in Hangzhou is doing well, and there are basically no vendors in the scenic spot.

Qinghefang—Hangzhou City-the corner of the ancient town during the Southern Song Dynasty

Qinghefang—Hangzhou City-the corner of the ancient town during the Southern Song Dynasty

Qinghefang—Hangzhou City-the corner of the ancient town during the Southern Song Dynasty

Why the beginning of the article uses the word "comfortable", she includes describing the mood to feel happy, happy, comfortable or comfortable; satisfied; comfortable; The family of three is about to break up from Hangzhou, the son returns to his place of work, and the two of us return to Chongqing. Ended this tour. Hangzhou will come again!


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