Thailand Escaped from the Frozen Sunshine (Part 2)

Time: February 9 (the second day of the first lunar month)

Location: Krabi, Thailand


Today, I mainly stroll around Ao Nang Beach.

In addition, not far from La Paya (the entrance of the hotel out of the alley) is the Pakasai Resort, which is simple and modern, yet the gorgeous and dignified hotel door stands on the side of the road. I ’ve seen it in general, and it ’s pretty good overall. The only thing I do n’t like is that the vegetation inside is too dense. Living here should feel like being in a tropical jungle, but it is estimated that there will be a lot of mosquitoes in it. For friends who are afraid of all kinds of bugs, let's even consider it!

In fact, Ao Nang Beach is really not very good. It is more accurate to say that it is a large area of ​​tidal flat beside the beach. To be honest, if you want to play with the beach, it is more reliable to choose Phuket. No matter whether it is Patong Beach, Karon Beach or Kata Beach, it is much more beautiful than Ao Nang to take a beach. If Krabi does not go out to sea, there are really not many places to play!

Krabi's iconic sculpture!

In the evening, the small alley at the entrance of La Paya Resort came out and walked to the seaside road. From the roadside to the evening, many street vendors sold various fried rice, fried noodles, Thai barbecue, fruit smoothies, banana pancakes, fried Shrimp, fried spring rolls, etc., attract a lot of guests from surrounding hotels. My dinners in Krabi these days have almost been bought here and 7-11 in the alley.

Krabi Resort not far from La Paya Resort

In fact, I have also browsed the information of Krabi Resort in China. At the beginning, it was one of the two best choices on my plan list (the other is Aonang Princeville Resort and Spa) However, after looking at the guest reviews, I felt that the room conditions were uneven. Some said good, and many said bad. In addition, the most important thing is that the prices of these two hotels during the Spring Festival skyrocketed, the price is really It was difficult to accept, and finally chose La Paya in compromise. I knew that La Paya was so unreliable. It might have been better to pay a little more money to book this resort.

It is also Srisuksant Resort in Ao Nang. Its iconic owl is at the entrance of the hotel. However, looking at the online reviews, the comfort of its rooms and the overall supporting environment of the resort are still somewhat different from those of the other ones. Especially compared to the Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach, which is separated from it by a wall, it is obviously much worse. Of course, its house price is naturally the cheapest of all homes. For those who are more sensitive to prices, you can consider choosing it.

The shower at La Paya Resort is really like the online review. The water pressure is high and low, which is very unstable. In addition, the screw on the shower bracket of our room has fallen off, and it has been shaken alive, not very firm. , And then got rid of the high and low water pressure, and completely stopped. In accordance with the changes in water pressure, the shower head is supported by the lower fixing bolt as a support point, and it starts to rotate 360 ​​degrees, and then "snap" and drops to the ground ...

Perhaps I know that I am not easy to mess with. I called the front desk and asked for repairs less than 5 minutes later. The worker master gasped for "Hey, Hey" to help me.

Time: February 10 (the third day of the first lunar month)

Location: Island Hopping Tour of Four Islands in Krabi, Thailand


Today ’s main itinerary is the four-island island hopping tour. As mentioned above, the four-island tour that everyone signed up for on Ao Nang Beach (Riley Beach / Krabi Town) and the four islands that you signed up for on Koh Lanta You are not the same thing!

The 4 islands in Krabi refer to: Tub Island, Moh Island, Chicken Island and Poda Island. Since Ta Island and Mo Island are not far apart, at low tide, everyone can wade to and fro between the two islands, so some guides regard these two islands as a scenic spot, and regard the four islands as the same itinerary. Pranang beach and Pranang cave are listed as a single attraction. Regardless of the arrangement, these islands and beaches are all affiliated with Krabi Province.

The four-island tour you booked on Koh Lanta refers to: Koh Kradan, Koh Muk, and also Emerald Cave, Koh Chuek, There are also koh ngai (Nai Island / Yashima) or Koh Mah. These islands belong to Trang Province in southwestern Thailand.

After breakfast, we still came to the hotel lobby and waited for us by Aonang Orchid tour company car.

Because of the experience of picking up the car on the "Long Long Road" in the lobby when I went to Hongdao last time, I am not surprised that they were late for a long time. In the end, they were 50 minutes late than the time on the confirmation message. Come here.

Today's car is different from the last two-bar car. It is a brand new Toyota business car. The car is also decorated with colorful lights, which is very interesting.

Ao Nang Beach waiting in line for a speedboat ...


The first stop of the four island tour today is Pranang beach

Tartare on the beach ...

Some friends in the north may not be familiar with sour horn. The sour hornbeam is actually a tree that grows in the tropics and subtropics. The fruit of the sour horn (Tamarindus indica, also known as tamarind, Yunnan Dai is called Muhan) is A kind of fruit, sweet and sour taste, very delicious. It is widely planted in Xishuangbanna and Dehong, Yunnan.

When buying, please note that Yunnan and Thailand's tamarind are divided into sweet tamarind and tamarind. You should buy sweet tamarind for snacks. We usually use tamarind to enhance the flavor of vegetables or to extract tamarind polysaccharides. And antioxidants and other medical uses.

Buddha ’s Sand Beach is a paradise for many rock climbers........ A rough observation, the climbing here is basically the majority of European and American tourists and locals, rarely seen (accurately it should not be seen (To) the figure of our Chinese.

Located in Pranang cave (Phangan cave) on the beach of Buddha Niang, the cave is dedicated to Hindu worship of Linga.

The second stop Chicken Island recommended index: two stars

It is said that the Chicken Island is the largest island in the waters near Ao Nang. Nature ’s ghostly craftsmanship transformed the island into a rooster shape standing upright.

However, because Chicken Island as a whole is actually a limestone mountain standing in the middle of the sea, there is no suitable beach near the island for tourists to land, so everyone can only see the style of Chicken Island on the speedboat and then go to Chicken Island There is a shallow fjord in the back.

Because the water around Chicken Island is warm and clear, there are many fish here, and you can see the trench, which is very suitable for snorkeling.

Speaking of snorkeling, there have been more and more Chinese tourists drowning in Thailand in the past two years, especially those with poor waterborneness. Do not think that you can get into the Indian Ocean by fooling in the swimming pool for three or two times. It was mentioned in the travel notes on the day that the sea is stormy and the conditions on the sea are also unpredictable. The snorkeling is face down. Once drowning occurs, it is difficult for people around you to find it in time. Pay attention to safety, don't succeed, don't swim out of the prescribed range, and stay away from the propeller of the boat. In short, remember the sentence: "The drowned are not afraid of water", No Zuo No Die!

If the weather is good, you can overlook Phi Phi Island from the sea near Ji Island. Unfortunately, there are a lot of clouds today and you ca n’t see it.

Third stop: Poda Island Recommendation index: six stars

The same as the day before yesterday when going to Hong Island, when booking domestically, RMB 160 per person does not include the on-site fee: 400 Baht / person for adults and 200 Baht / person for children aged 4-11

Poda Island is one of the best (no one) after playing so many islands in my trip to Thailand

The delicate and soft white sand beach on the island is matched with the emerald green water near the sea. In the distance, behind the iconic Chinese cabbage stone, it is the deep blue water like the sapphire in the Indian Ocean. Together, it is the word "perfect"!

Poda Island's iconic logo

It is said that "Poda" means platypus island in local language!

But is n’t the platypus unique to Australia? How can there be platypus in Thailand?

When I saw this brand, I instantly understood that the original Poda Island is actually part of Phi Phi Island National Park!

In fact, this year when I came down to Thailand, I found a phenomenon: that is Phuket or Krabi. Their most classic, or the most beautiful and attractive attractions are still the ones they developed the earliest. Several scenic spots, such as Phi Phi Island, Phang Nga Bay, and the subsequent development of Tung Li and other places, subject to objective conditions, are still more or less perfect.

At lunch, we asked our guide. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes by speedboat from Poda Island to Tonsai Bay on Grand Phi Phi Island (depending on the number of engines and engine power of each speedboat).

In addition, on Phi Phi Island, there are also many travel agencies that provide day trips (speedboats / long-tail boats) to nearby islands such as Poda Island, Mo Island, and Guanzi Island. So you do n’t have to live in Krabi Town or Ao Nang, Railay Beach, you can live on the Big Phi Phi Island, and then take one day to go to Little Phi Phi Island, Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, and another day Come to Poda Island, Mo Island, Guanzi Island.

Maybe it ’s because the first impression I ’ve left on the Nopparat pier in Ao Nang, Krabi is not so good. In addition to the first time I came to Krabi, I met a scammer like La Paya, and Krabi does not go out to sea. I really do n’t have many places to play, so I personally do n’t like Krabi, but I think it ’s not as good as "Phuket-Phi Phi Island-Phuket". I like this gameplay more!

Fourth stop: Tub Island (also called Guanzi Island), Moh Island (Mo Island) Recommended Index: Five stars

Every time when the tide is low, there will be a beach road between Guanzi Island and Modao Island. Everyone can wader and shuttle between the two islands!

This special scene not only attracts a large number of tourists, but also the scene of the movie "Cut Throat Island", where the heroine rides through the waves and is also rated as "The Wonder of the Andaman Sea" by the National Tourism Administration of Thailand.

On the way back to Railay Beach ...

Not long after we left Railay Beach, our speedboat sailed into Aonang Pier ...

Unlike the comfortable Toyota business car that came when I came, I took a double car to return to the hotel, but today the driver is more reliable than the day before yesterday. Fortunately, he still took us to the door of the hotel, unlike the last time I went to Hongdao. Just leave us still at the alley.

Back to the disgusting La Paya Resort ~

Objectively speaking, the overall environment of Krabi Lapaya Resort is still good, but the problem is that its family has repeatedly wanted to move Chinese guests like their luggage, and then casually moved their Krabi small The hotel's behavior is really disgusting, so let's choose another one! There are many good hotels in Krabi, but it ’s no big deal. I spend tens or a hundred or more of them a night, and they always have a room but they just do n’t live for you. You have to move you to other low-quality hotels . After all, everyone comes out to play, the picture is a happy mood, no one wants to quarrel a few things for the room, affecting the good mood of the entire holiday!

Time: February 11 (the fourth day of the first lunar month)

Location: Krabi, Thailand


Today is my last day in Krabi. At 6:35 tomorrow morning, I will take the Asian Airways flight FD3226 back to Bangkok. To be honest, I lived in and out every day since I lived in La Paya Resort on February 8th. I have n’t seen any other mainland Chinese tourists except me. We Chinese tourists.

At noon, when I was washing clothes, there was no water, so I called the front desk to ask, and there was no water (regardless of hot or cold) in the bathroom of the room at 3 to 4 noon every day.

It's almost five o'clock in the afternoon, and its home is inexplicably stuffed in a letter from the door of the room ...

Time: February 12 (the fifth day of the first lunar month)

Location: Bangkok, Krabi, Thailand


Check out at the front desk at 4:30 this morning. I wanted to say that after checking out quickly, I would never come to Krabi again. I would never stay in this hotel again. I did n’t want to come anymore. I encountered various wonderful problems. It was very unpleasant early in the morning.

I wrote in my travel book that it was not the first night that he said there was no room, moved me to Pavilion Queen's Bay Hotel Krabi for one night, now Lapaia requires that I must sign The festival book said that I voluntarily agreed to change to the Pavelin Queens Bay Hotel and I am very satisfied with the arrangement. I also understand their work and give up the right to complain and recover from them, otherwise I cannot check out.

This is just too deceiving. I have traveled abroad so many times (4 times in Thailand alone). This is the first time I have encountered such a wonderful hotel with such a face-free hotel. Tigers do n’t show power. You are my Hello Kitty. , I threw the pen and the section-cutting book directly on the table and started scolding it. This is also the first time I'm swearing abroad.

Originally, let's go out, especially in a foreign country, and everyone will be kind and considerate and tolerant with each other, and it will be done with tolerance. I am not the kind of arrogant and unreasonable person. Moved me to the "Huazitou Cylinder" hotel one night. I won't care about the difference between the rooms. How can you let me tolerate it? Now that I'm checking out, you actually asked me to sign this inexplicable cut-off book. Isn't it too much to cheat? Who is willing to change?

Seeing that I was angry, the buddy at the front desk called their manager, gurgled and spoke a lot of Thai, and then hung up the phone to tell me that this was the regulation of their hotel, and they had to sign a section to get out of the store.

I threw the words to him on the spot:

“Man,This is a unfair and ridiculous document,Move to Pavilion is your mistake,not my require,I can understand ,but it not means I'm satisfied ,the reason why I can accept it , is I have no other choice, is you told me your hotel is full。in fact ,I am very unhappy about it。Moreover,the Pavilion is cheaper than you hotel,how about the different price of my room?so I can't be sign this document,and I am sure I must be complaints and expose your hotel when I return my country,beause I feel very dissatisfied and angry for this liveing experience in your hotel。

Now I need time to go to the airport,the driver also waiting for me,here is the key of mine room,I put herer,and I don't have shopping anything in minibar。of course, If you want continue to be entangled with me is ok ,I can call police、media journalist and mine country's consulate now ,But I want to remind you,if because your struggle,I miss my airplane,you need compensate all mine losses。I am very serious about it,I do not want to curse,but you always challenge my limit again and again”

Seeing me with this attitude, the buddy at the front desk called them the manager again. After a quick talk, he turned his head away and said that's it, you can leave the store.

The driver had been waiting for me for a while because of the check-out and the hotel, and I hurried to the car, but I just walked a few steps. The buddy at the front desk stopped me again. The ghost in my heart. ····You know·····

Really, I wanted to punch him in the face too much, and all of them had retired from the room. You still have an end ...

I just wanted to scold, and when I saw the buddy, I came running with a smile on my face and handed me the packed breakfast. To be honest, his action surprised me quite a bit. Just now I just forgot to cut the book with him for a long time, and I forgot to pack the breakfast. This is also thanks to his reminder. Although this breakfast is not worth a few dollars, but because There was an extremely unpleasant experience with the hotel before, and finally left, he still has such a service, I am still very polite and sincere to thank you!

In fact, conscientiously speaking, the staff of Krabi La Paya Resort is still very friendly, they will politely greet the guests every time they see them, and ask the guests to go first, especially the little girl who sells tourist products in the lobby, people are very friendly and very Enthusiasm, no matter if you are booking a day trip product with her or not, every time she sees you, she will greet you warmly and chat with you.

But the most unbearable thing for me is that it has a room in its home, but it is reluctant to let Chinese tourists live in it, and it is necessary to move the Chinese to another hotel that you do not want to go. This shows that it is bullying China. People. The same group, another business is not good, so under the banner of good business, this desperate to attract customers, and then move the bullying customers to the shop with bad business, everyone said, how can he do this The most angry thing about business is that when you leave the store, you are asked to sign a cut-off letter, asking you to understand their work, giving up the right to complain and recover from them, and saying that you voluntarily agreed to change to another hotel, and this The arrangement is very satisfactory, who will be happy to change?

After getting on the bus, head straight for the airport. Because it is a red-eye flight, the road conditions in the morning are very good, and it takes about 30 minutes from the hotel to the airport.

There are two terminals at Krabi Airport, one International Terminal for international flights and one Domestic Terminal for domestic flights, but AirAsia checks in at International Terminal for both international and domestic flights, but Thai Bird (Nok Air) Check in at the Domestic Terminal, and everyone should pay attention to this.

The security check at Krabi Airport will only go to work at 6 o'clock in the morning, and it is only 5:30 at this time. Only in the check-in hall of the Domestic Terminal will you find a place to sit down and endure the bite of mosquitoes while eating breakfast, Wait quietly.

There are so many mosquitoes in Krabi Airport. I sat down in less than 10 minutes. I did n’t finish my bread, and my feet had been bitten into big and small bags. It hurt and itchy!

Finally, I arrived at the terminal of the Domestic Terminal through the security check.

Although it is the so-called "international airport", the waiting hall of the Domestic Terminal is no different from the waiting hall of the bus terminal of some small counties in our country. The entire decoration is very simple.

What surprised me and surprised me most in this Domestic Terminal terminal was the fact that there was a bird flying around.

At first, I did n’t pay attention. Later, the bird fluttered its wings many times and shuttled back and forth over the waiting hall. From time to time, I squeaked a few times. "I think, do Thai people intend to let this happen?" Birds fly inside to fly east to west, so they are not afraid of flying in case of flying out, hitting the aircraft engine and causing hidden dangers for Fei An?

Our plane took off ...

Overlooking from the air. The light below the wing is Krabi Airport!

AirAsia's small red plane headed east, flying towards the sun ...

After an hour's flight, we successfully landed at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok.

The spacious and bright domestic arrival hall of the newly built Terminal 2 (Domestic Terminal) at Don Muang Airport

After taking my luggage, I wanted to say that I would go to the Magic Food staff restaurant at the airport terminal T1 for breakfast. Unexpectedly, I arrived here at 8:30. Seeing that the restaurant door is locked, it is not yet open. It's 5 am to 10 pm, I hold a very skeptical attitude.

The taxi fare from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok Asia Hotel is generally around 400 baht (no high speed). Speaking of taking a taxi at Don Muang Airport, because Don Muang Airport is different from Suvarnabhumi Airport in that it has a direct subway to the city, and the airport bus is not very convenient, so taxi or advance booking pick-up service has become the first choice for most tourists.

Take a taxi at Don Mueang Airport. If you are at the T1 International terminal, remember to face the airport gate at the Arrival Hall after exiting the border, and make a big stride on the left hand side. It is a regular taxi Boarding place; on the contrary, if you go all the way to the right, you can take the elevator to the international departure hall.

Rest assured, as we said before, Don Mueang Airport has very detailed signs both in T1 International Terminal and T2 Domestic Terminal. There are three types of Chinese, English and Thai on the signs. Text, even if you are the first person to go to Don Muang Airport, as long as you follow the directions indicated on the airport signs, you can easily find a regular taxi ride.

Just be careful, there will be a lot of TAXI light boxes or cloth signs hanging on the way to the travel agency's stores. From time to time, some people will come forward to ask you if you want to take a taxi. Where to take a taxi, you are not discussed in other places!

When you arrive at the regular taxi boarding point, you will see the crowd of people waiting in line. There is also a counter in front of each line. When it is your turn, show the printed hotel order to the staff at the counter, she It will be translated into Thai and then given to the driver, at the same time give you a list for complaint (this list is divided into two sides, the front is orange and black printed fonts, using English and Thai text to explain the precautions and complaints Channels, the back is a black printed form in English and Thai for the complainant to fill in basic information),

Please remember to collect this list before getting on the bus. If you encounter a situation where the driver does not read the meter or increases the price on the way, you can directly call the complaint phone on the list to make a complaint.

Of course, sometimes the staff at the counter will directly hand you two lists. Remember, the larger one is the list mentioned for complaint, you have to leave it; the smaller one is written with The address bar of the hotel's Thai name, this is for the driver, don't make a mistake! Especially for big orders, it is very important to keep it yourself, and never give it to the driver.

Taxi drivers in Bangkok are generally not of high quality and are not very friendly. They are abducted and deceived. They are good at everything. Especially for foreigners, they basically follow the principle of "can deceive, deceive, and slaughter." Pass it to him together, it can only show that you are a rookie who has just arrived and knows nothing.

Also note that since November 2015, in order to protect the revenue of local taxi drivers, the Bangkok government stipulates that taxis depart from Don Muang Airport. No matter where you go, you will have to pay an additional 50 Baht for the reserved car service fee (other places Taxi is not required), when paying the money, add 50 baht to the total price of the meter and pay the driver.

As for the tip of the driver, I do n’t have to pay anything in particular. I basically put up an integer for the fare payable. For example, if the fare is 332 baht, I will give him 340 baht.

Another point to note: For some small fortune-telling, Bangkok taxi drivers will most likely not find you a replacement. They will take this as a tip for granted. For example, your fare is 260 baht, you pay him 300 baht, most of the 40 baht is not available, or he will only find you 20 baht.

Therefore, when you take a taxi in Bangkok, in addition to telling the driver to read the watch, you must prepare change, especially for the change of 20 baht.

Because it is still early to go to the hotel, I ca n’t check in even when I get there. Since I ’m not in a hurry, I have n’t asked the driver to take the highway (if I need to go at a high speed, the tolls need to be paid by the passengers), but this really feels The state of "blocking you" in the morning peak of Bangkok.

In 1998, the Asian financial crisis hit Thailand hard, and the elevated train project originally invested by Hong Kong Hopewell Industrial Group was abandoned. Today, from Hua Lamphong Railway Station to Don Muang Airport, there are everywhere reinforced concrete pillars that were abandoned. However, this time I was driving from Don Muang Airport. On the way, I saw that the abandoned reinforced concrete pillars on the roadside started to work again.

The driver told me that the passenger flow at Don Muang Airport has skyrocketed in the past two years, so the Thai government decided to restart the plan and connect it with the BTS Skytrain. In the future, the BTS will be able to go directly to Don Muang Airport, but as for the opening time, the driver is funny Say, "Only God knows"

This driver is very nice. Although he is older, he speaks English fluently and is quite honest. Asked on the bus, if you chartered his car to Ayutthaya, the asking price was 1500 baht. In addition, he also provided a chartered car to Dannen Sado or Amphawa Floating Market, as well as services in Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin and other places. . In fact, the average Bangkok taxi driver is very happy to provide chartered services for foreign tourists in the suburbs of Bangkok (it seems that they are even more unexpectedly chartered by Chinese to go to Anbwa, Dannen Sado, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Hua Hin, etc., after all It's much more profitable than running in the city) It's just that taxi drivers in Bangkok are generally not very good at English, and it's hard to communicate.

Because this is my third time in Bangkok, and I did not come to Bangkok for the purpose of visiting, mainly shopping, and there are many online travel notes and guides about Bangkok, so the following travel notes about Bangkok, I will not According to the diary, I chose to focus on introducing it to everyone.

Asia Hotel Bangkok Recommended Index: Four stars

Every time I come to Bangkok, I will choose to stay in an Asian hotel. There is no other reason. I think its location is particularly superior. In my opinion, the location of the hotel is as important as anything: the second floor of the Asian hotel has a flyover directly connected to BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit. At the Ratchatewee station of the Sukhumvit Line, you can see the sign of the Asia hotel at the exit of the Skytrain.

From the hotel, back to the lobby, walk 10 minutes to the right to MBK mall. From the hotel to Siam Paragon (Siam Paragon), Siam Centre (Siam Centre), Siam Square (Siam Square), Siam Discovery (Siam Discovery) and other major shopping malls only need to take a BTS station to Siam (Siam Luo Station). From the hotel to Erawan Shrine, Central World, and BIG C supermarket, you only need to take the BTS two stations and get off at Chit Lom (Chilong Station).

In addition, take the BTS Sukhumvit Line (Sukhumvit Line) from the hotel to the Chatuchak Weekend Market (you can get off at the Mo Chit Station), Victory Monument Station, and Terminal 21 Shopping Mall (No. 1 Asok Station) Export). You can also take a station on the BTS Sukhumvit Line, get off at Siam (Siam Station), and then transfer to Silom Line (also translated as "Silong Line" or "Chiron Line") to Saphan Taksin (Wat Chau Wharf at Zhengwang Bridge) and other places, whether it is to go shopping or traveling in Bangkok, choose to live here, transportation is absolutely 100% convenient, no need to worry about traffic problems.

As for the hotel room, it is basically okay. The size of the Superior Room is about 28 square meters. The in-room safe, central air conditioning, refrigerator, flat-screen TV, electric kettle, separate shower room, bathtub, hairdryer, toiletries All are available, but the hotel does not provide slippers (whether it is bathroom slippers or disposable slippers). In addition, the hotel provides two bottles of mineral water every day. The short bottle of water (the logo of the Asian hotel is printed on the bottle) is free. The refrigerator looks like Tall bottles of mineral water like ice dew are charged.

Although it is known as a four-star hotel, after all, the Asian Hotel was opened in 1967 (re-installed in 2012), so you have to say how luxurious and comfortable the rooms are at home. There, it can only be said that its room is pretty neat and refreshing. The specific room style can be seen by looking at the photos I distributed.

The two beds in all the twin rooms of the house are close together, and the quilts are sandwiched between two sheets of blankets. But looking at its location in the center of Bangkok, the transportation is convenient, and the price of 300 yuan per night during the Chinese New Year Golden Week, the overall is also pretty good. Perhaps it is precisely because the rooms are cheap and convenient to travel that there are a lot of Chinese tourists staying, and it feels that during the Spring Festival, the entire hotel is almost "private" by the Chinese.

There are also quite a variety of breakfasts in Asian hotels, but the taste is not suitable for me. I feel that every dish is full of strong "Thai taste". However, every night when the hotel goes out, turn left, not far from the 711 convenient entrance, there will be many hawkers gathering here to sell food. There is also an open-air food stall with a Chinese menu every night at the 711 entrance. The price is also very affordable. very convenient. However, it should be noted that according to the Bangkok City Management Regulations, hawkers are prohibited from setting up stalls along the streets every Monday (no matter what other days), so these things are not available on Monday.

Finally, let me talk about the shortage of its homes. One is that hotels do not have free WIFI. In the present era, there are really few hotels without free WIFI. The second one is that the hotel facilities are too old, whether it is the room or the lobby, it can be seen that it should be the decoration style of the 1980s and 1990s. Although its home was renovated in 2012, it is still everywhere. Thick nostalgic retro style. The third is to pay a deposit ranging from 1000 to 3000 baht according to the length of stay, and to fill in two guest information sheets, check in procedures are slightly cumbersome. Another thing is that the cleaning of the hotel every day is super fast, as if it has not been cleaned in eight lifetimes! This is good or bad. The bad thing is that I just went downstairs to have a breakfast. When I was upstairs, I went back to the house to get something. When I arrived at the door, I saw two Thai aunts throwing their arms around the room and cleaning them. health.

The Asian Hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and gym on the fifth floor, and there is a NaRaYa Bangkok boutique in the lobby on the first floor. In addition, there are many shops selling leather products, soap flowers, Thai silk, and ready-to-wear clothing on the first and second floors of the Asian Hotel, as well as a number of counters that provide travel services and fortune-telling. In the past, the Asian Theater on the ground floor of the hotel used to perform two Calypso Cabaret Shows at 20:15 and 21:45 every night. Its show is mainly for Asian guests and was recommended by Lonely Planet. , But I have n’t seen the ladyboy show open this year. On the contrary, the spiral staircase of the ground floor theater is also piled with various construction boards, like it is being renovated, and the Klipso ladyboy show has also moved to the Chao Phraya River. The new site of Asiatqu (Asian Terminal) continues to perform.

Because it is too early to check in, so after storing your luggage in the hotel lobby, go out and stroll around and wait for noon before returning to check in.

Speaking of the subway, when I first came to Thailand in 2014, I was surprised to see Thai people taking the subway in an orderly manner. This really surprised me!

All the passengers waiting for the bus lined up in two straight queues. On both sides of the screen door, the passengers waited quietly, and a channel was automatically left in the middle for the people on the bus to get off first. From afar, the team was as tidy as the guard of honor waiting for the King of Thailand to review. During this period, no one intervened, and no one shouted loudly. Even if you get on the escalator, you will not be crowded near the elevator door when you get off the car, but everyone will silently go to the end of the queue, one by one, move forward step by step.

When the train entered the station, no one overwhelmed the door, squeezed his head and rushed in. After getting on the car, the crowd automatically walked into the car, and would never be jammed at the door. Later, in front of the Paragon gate, see They waited in line for buses in the same way, and waited in sequence to get on.

It ’s shameful to think about it. Think of the “old watches” who instantly turned into rugby players at the sight of the car, as if they had n’t been in the car for eight lifetimes. . Even if the double decker bus is full, as long as the upper deck is full, all of them are as if there is no driver on the upper deck. Unwilling to move in life and death ...

Let's look at the order of Thai people again. If this scene appears on the streets of Tokyo, I wouldn't be surprised. After all, everyone knows the national quality of the Japanese, but this scene actually appeared in Bangkok, which really shocked me.

To be honest, as far as Thailand is concerned, we Chinese people more or less hold a pride in the mentality of a big country, and think of Thailand as a small country. Indeed, in terms of economic strength and international status, Thailand is definitely not a first-class power. Not to mention Asia. Even in Southeast Asia, it is inferior to Singapore. But in such a small country, people's national quality and public morality are so high

Besides the hawkers, there are hawkers stalls at the door of the Asian hotel every night. Once I played late and went back to the hotel, I saw the hawkers washing the water. After the barbecue stalls were closed in the early morning, the next morning, the street was as messy as it had just been after World War II. Even street vendors in Thailand had such a high public moral quality, which really made the Chinese shameful!

Although it was 9 o'clock in the morning, the whole hotel lobby was a lively scene full of human voices and shoulder to shoulder.

Din Tai Fung Bangkok Recommended Index: Four stars

Din Tai Fung in Bangkok is located on the 7th floor of Central World, but to be honest, this Din Tai Fung is the worst I have been to (but it is much better than Thai food), especially compared to Din Tai Fung in Kuala Lumpur Much inferior. Although the dishes served are still authentic and traditional Chinese food, but the taste and service are always unsatisfactory. To be honest, if you ca n’t stand the taste of Thai food, and you ca n’t find other authentic Chinese food, I really want to come It home.

Let ’s talk about the menu first: Your restaurant is Michelin, the menu of Bangkok Din Tai Fung is actually a page, check the corresponding dishes yourself, the Chinese dishes on the menu, the font is ugly, I do n’t say it, the font size is super mini, and Compared with the thick and beautifully printed menu of Din Tai Fung in Kuala Lumpur, the first intuitive feeling is far from the best, which is completely inconsistent with the grade of Michelin restaurant.

Let ’s talk about the waiter in it: an authentic Chinese restaurant, the waiter in the water is actually Thai. I do n’t mean that Thais are not good. Of course, the company ’s multinational operation is integrated into the local society and hires local employees. But none of the waiters in an authentic Chinese restaurant can speak Chinese. Although I have no problem communicating with them in English, ordering food in English in a Chinese restaurant always feels strange. Imagine that if you go to a Chinese restaurant, from the boss to the second child, all are foreigners, and the menu is also in English, then do you think this restaurant is too unreal and too authentic! In short, my first impression of Bangkok Din Tai Fung is unauthentic and unprofessional!

After talking about the menu, the waiter, and then talking about the taste, how can I not order the original chicken soup and Xiaolongbao in Dingtaifeng.

As we all know, Ding Taifeng's crab powder xiaolong crust is very thin, and it is clamped with chopsticks. The thin dough wraps the dripping soup very tensely. Through the light, you can vaguely see the soup in the clear skin. surge. Minced meat with seven crabs and three meats, together with shredded ginger and dip vinegar, set off the delicious taste of crab powder, which makes people feel good.

It is said that each small dumpling of Dingtaifeng has a series of standardized digital backgrounds and extremely high quality requirements, such as 5g skin, 16g stuffing, 18% off, the error of each small dumpling should not exceed 5mg, etc. With such strict craftsmanship, the small dumplings presented by Bangkok Din Tai Fung are still much greasier than Kuala Lumpur Din Tai Fung, and the meat is not salty enough.

The most unacceptable thing for Bangkok Din Tai Fung is that these waiters do not understand the rules of Chinese food at all, and the serving process is so strange to the sky

I simply ordered a plate of white sesame water spinach, a plate of fried yuba spinach, a piece of tiger skin stuffed peppers, two baskets of steamed dumplings, a bowl of beef soup in the original cup, a bowl of pork rib soup in the original cup and a bowl of white rice A few things, the result is that his family's order of serving is this:

First serve a bowl of white rice (nothing, come first, first serve white rice), after about three or four minutes, then go to the original cup of beef soup and the original cup of ribs soup, after another three or four minutes, go with the spinach, and then So I stopped serving. There was no movement for more than 20 minutes. We waited for a long time. He finally got Xiao Long Bao, followed by spinach, and then waited quietly for a while. Finally, when I waited Having finished all the dishes that have been served, he slowly took the tiger skin stuffed peppers ...

In addition, the yuba spinach actually has a strong smoky flavor. The stir-fried convolvulus I ordered in 2015 has exactly the same smoky flavor. What the hell is this? It's just because they Thais can make Chinese food so good, I'm too lazy to take care of it. If you want to change the country, your Michelin restaurant will serve such dishes, and they have called their chief chef for a long time. !

Chatuchak Park Recommended Index: Three stars

Chatuchak Park is located between Mo Chit Station on the BTS Sukhumvit Line terminal and Chatuchak Weekend Market. The entire slender park is occupied by an artificially constructed lake, and many bridges cross the lake to connect the two banks. It is said that Chatuchak Park was built by donating land from the National Railway Administration of Thailand in 1975. It is also one of the oldest public parks in Bangkok. You can see this artificial tropical plant park at the BTS station.

The area of ​​the park is not large, which is probably equivalent to that of Xihua Park in Kunming. The environment in the park is still quiet, the lawn is green, the trees are shaded, and there are many pigeons and squirrels that are not afraid of people.

However, apart from a bell tower and a small train museum, there are not many places to attract tourists. Roughly observe the minus, come to the park for a walk or jog or sit in the park on the roadside and chat and eat. Most of them are also local to Bangkok. people.

After passing through the park, you came to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Recommended Index: Four stars

Known as "the world's largest retail market for small commodities", it is said that there are more than 15,000 shops lined up in the market. Therefore, before entering the market, remember to pick up a free map at the security box at the entrance of the gate, which indicates which category of commodities are mainly sold in which area, according to the map.

Here you can buy almost everything you can think of, including antiques, souvenirs, flowers, food, clothing, handicrafts, pets, etc.

In addition, the Chaducha weekend market has gate entrances in addition to N hidden hidden shops besides the gates. If you walk in from these forks, you may not get the map. But it does not matter, I put a high-definition market map here for everyone to download and browse.

This map feels like a treasure map

The weather is hot. There are hawkers selling coconut ice cream, lemon ice water, and Thai homemade popsicles everywhere in the market. The prices are the same. Everyone does not have to come and buy a few and get tired. You can buy it inside.

The only bad thing in the market is that there are too few trash bins. It is recommended to bring a few small plastic bags. In addition, smoking is prohibited in the market, and smoking will be fined 2,000 baht.

Just like the floating market in Bangkok, the Chaducha weekend market was actually a local market in the past, but with the development of Thailand's tourism industry, it is also known by more and more foreigners, and many tourists are also admired. The scale of the market has naturally grown. With the influx of foreign tourists, the goods sold in the market have gradually changed from the local people ’s livelihood supplies to the foods, clothing and handicrafts that tourists from all over the world like. It has long been transformed from a local market into a place where foreign tourists gather to buy souvenirs.

In my opinion, the Cha Du Cha market is simply a weekend when Thais temporarily block off several adjacent streets and turn off the street, turning it into the world ’s largest open-air market overnight. The shopping environment and Compared with high-end shopping malls such as Central World and Siam Paragon in Bangkok, they are naturally worse than others, and the quality of goods sold is also much cheaper. However, this does not hinder the popularity of Qiaducha. At noon, the traffic in the market is approaching China. Spring Festival Railway Station.

If you plan to go shopping in Chaducha, I suggest that you should leave early to avoid getting too hot at noon and pay attention to heatstroke. The second is that the market is turbulent, all kinds of roads are like a psychedelic array, and friends with children must take care of children. Here, no matter whether adults or children, if they are lost, it is not "tragedy", but "tragic." Of course, if you are really unfortunate to be separated from your friends here, I suggest you choose to meet at the bell tower, because the bell tower is an iconic place in the entire market. If you ca n’t find it, you can also go to the service center to find someone. (With Chinese service). Third, there are many people in Chaducha, be careful with your belongings. I believe that most of the Thai people are still kind and honest, but it is inevitable that there will be several "heretics."

When it comes to shopping, things in the Chaducha market are not particularly cheap. Some products are even more expensive than those sold in supermarkets. The quality is also uneven, and they ca n’t apply for a tax refund, so I do n’t recommend everyone to go crazy here. Shopping just means spending a morning shopping here, feeling the lively and noisy atmosphere in the Thai market, encountering the right products, and buying a few or two.

Of course, for those who plan to buy some Bangkok regional specialty products in Bangkok: such as various kinds of dried fruit, dried meat, fruity sweets, charcoal-burned seaweed, nuts and other foods, or handmade soaps, craft souvenirs, or small elephants For friends of ordinary casual clothes such as skirts and baby elephant pants, it is still worth visiting. First of all, there are definitely more varieties here than supermarkets and malls. You can often encounter some niche products that are not sold in supermarkets in Bangkok. You have a lot of choices. Second, some of the items in the price will be slightly cheaper than supermarkets. A little bit (but the quality also drops with the price, pay attention to screening). But for those who want to buy internationally renowned brands, then you should go to the high-end shopping malls such as Central World and Siam Paragon in Bangkok.

I remember hearing a Taiwanese kid complain to his dad that his mother and sister bought too much stuff. They now have only a few yuan left in their pockets and can't go home. (How much should I buy?)

The market in Chaducha is indeed no better than those in high-end shopping malls, but the items sold in it are also strange, and there are a lot of tricks. Many are also traditional handicrafts that high-end shopping malls disdain to sell. Don't go to famous brands or boutique clothes, but go to some unique small items with Thai characteristics.

Generally speaking, it is not possible to get a tax refund after shopping, and the things inside are not cheap (only a few items will be slightly cheaper than the outside shopping malls, but the price is the same as the price. You have to go for the quality. Check), so I suggest that you shop here or pay attention to moderation, to buy those things that are not available in large supermarkets and large shopping malls, as for those goods such as dried fruit, soap flowers, low-end Thai silk and other supermarkets. Or try to buy it in a supermarket, where tax refunds can be made, and the quality is more guaranteed than here.

Bangkok Central World Recommended Index: 6 stars

Central World is one of the largest shopping malls in Southeast Asia. It consists of three parts: Zen Department Store and Isetan Department Store on both ends, and Central World in the middle.

Central World is located on Ratchadamri Road in the center of Bangkok. It is surrounded by the famous Erawan Shrine. Take the Skytrain BTS Sukhumvit Line to Chit Lom and get off at Chit Lom. Follow the pedestrian bridge to enter the second floor of the mall.

As the largest leisure shopping mall in Bangkok, Central World has an unparalleled variety of goods and services. It gathers more than 500 stores, 100 restaurants, entertainment centers, learning and education centers, and the largest supermarket in Asia. The outdoor square can be used to hold large-scale events.

Central World not only provides high-end luxury goods that consumers dream of, but also provides many popular brand products, which can definitely satisfy every consumer's desire to buy.

In terms of discounts, you can log in to Shangtai Group's official Weibo Thailand (Central) before departure, or follow WeChat's "Thailand Central" to receive an online visitor discount card, which is held at Shangtai Group's mall Shopping can enjoy different discounts and sweepstakes, and the special card can also be processed on-site at the service desk on the first floor of Central World with your passport.

In addition, Central World will often hold special events with Thai Airways and AirAsia. At that time, as long as you hold the valid boarding passes of the above two airlines, you can enjoy special discounts of different amplitudes, but the time of each event is uncertain. The randomness is very large, you can pay attention to the preferential information published on the official websites of Thai Airways and AirAsia or on WeChat.

Located in the Big C supermarket directly opposite Central World, the Chinese in the "Wuwu Wutuo" feel that they have been chartered by the Chinese.

Bangkok Siam Paragon (Siam Paragon) Recommended Index: Six stars

After coming out of Central World, follow the pedestrian bridge towards Siam and walk for about six or seven minutes to reach the Paragon Mall. Of course, you can also take the BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit Line or Silom Line to Siam (Siam Station), you can enter the mall through the corridor corridor.

The Paragon is a relatively new shopping mall in Bangkok. The mall is very large. The Paragon is connected to the Siam Center, Siam Discovery, and Siam square. In addition to Central World, Bangkok is another famous business district.

In addition to a variety of merchandise in the Paragon, there is also the largest indoor aquarium in Southeast Asia, which is very suitable for families with children.

Siam Central Recommendation Index: Three stars

Compared to the Paragon Palace next door, which is dominated by big international brands and high-end mall decoration, the Siam Center sells more products mainly from the first-tier Thai brands, and the mall decoration is also in a post-modernist style.

From Siam Discovery, which is also in the Siamese business district, follow Ramam 1 Road towards the intersection for six to seven minutes, and you can reach another one mentioned in many raiders. Shopping mall: MBK.

Of course, you can also take the BTS Silom Line and get off at the National Stadium. After exiting the station, enter the MBK mall along the overpass.

Compared with high-end shopping malls such as Central World, Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, MBK is more like a shopping mall that is gathered by many small merchants, and the level of sales of its products is naturally better. These large shopping malls are much cheaper and look a bit similar to Sungei Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, so although I went to Bangkok three times, MBK is still not on the address of my shopping list. The reason why I will go to MBK this time is because my mobile phone mentioned in the previous travel note accidentally fell into the sea when I returned to the sea on Lock Island, so I had to take it for repair.

When it comes to repairing mobile phones, I went to two Samsung Centers located in Siam square and MBK shopping malls. As a result, they opened the back cover of their phones. After looking at the serial number, without exception, they all told me: "sir, your mobile phone not Thiland, our software not support, we can't repair it "No way, only go back to Kunming and slowly repair it.

So I would like to remind everyone here that electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc., although Thailand also has after-sales repair centers for these brands, but because you are not buying in Thailand, many times you actually cannot enjoy the corresponding repair services- -Even if you pay, they will not help you repair it. It is estimated that because of the high value of these products, you are also a foreigner, and the language communication is inconvenient. If you ca n’t fix them, they are afraid that they might cause unnecessary troubles and disputes. There are some system software or component compatibility issues.

Having said that, because the price level in Thailand is generally cheaper than in China, and there is also a tax refund policy for shopping, many people are now choosing to go to Bangkok to buy mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops and other electronic products. In addition to the configuration and other factors, you must not forget whether the warranty is supported in China. In the same way, if Chinese products are taken to Thailand and cannot be maintained, does Thai products come to China and does it support maintenance? You can't travel to Thailand frequently to be a maintenance person!

Thailand King Power Duty Free Shopping Center (king power) Recommended Index: 2 stars

king power should be said to be a must-visit place for Chinese tourists (especially for team guests), but to be honest, I do n’t recommend free travelers to shop here, because the marketing is designed specifically for Chinese tourists (or yes) Specializes in the business of Chinese tourists).

Let's talk about transportation first, take the BTS to Victory Monement (Victory Monument Station), and get out of the station. If you take the BTS train from Mo Chit (Mochi Station) to Bearing (Belling Station), after getting off, Remember to go in the same direction as the train's direction and go down the overpass from the left channel. On the contrary, if you take the BTS train from Bearing to Mo Chit, after getting off, remember to go in the opposite direction of the train's direction, and take the overpass from the left channel. can.

Get off the flyover, on your left is the Century Movie Plaza shopping center, continue to walk along the road, you will see an intersection on the left side, turn into this intersection, if you are lucky, you will encounter a free connection of king power here Tuk-tuk, of course, you can also continue along this road for about five minutes, on the right side of the road is king power.

Besides discounts, many hotels in Bangkok will issue a discount coupon for king power to mainland Chinese tourists (you can get it at the luggage storage area of ​​Asian hotels). You can ask for it from the hotel. After arriving at the emperor's power, don't rush to shop first, take your passport and discount coupons to the front desk to register information, then you can enjoy the corresponding shopping discounts.

After talking about transportation and discounts, let ’s talk about the price. Although this is a duty-free shop, the price of the goods in King Power is not much cheaper than that of central world or the Paragon. Some are even more expensive, and the types of goods in it are also Far worse than central world or Paragon.

However, king power is not useless. Its biggest advantage is that the staff inside it all speak Chinese. For those who are NO English, there will be no language barriers for shopping here! Of course, this has also caused king power. In addition to mainland Chinese, you can't see tourists from other countries, not even Taiwanese and Hong Kong people. At first glance, it is a place specifically for mainlanders selling things.

In addition, king power also has some "exclusive sales" products, such as Elizabeth Arden (Elizabeth Arden) brand, I have traveled throughout the Paragon and central world, I have not seen any sale, I do n’t know why, I only saw king power in Bangkok ?

Terminal 21 Recommended Index: 3 stars

Terminal 21 is a large-scale comprehensive shopping mall with the concept of an airport terminal. The mall opened in October 2011 and is adjacent to the sky rail and subway station.

Take BTS Skytrain Sukhumvit to ASOK station first, then exit the exit 1 and follow the footbridge of the station to enter the mall. In addition, MRT subway Sukhumvit station exit 3 can also reach the mall.

Each floor of the mall is equipped with the characteristics of cities in different countries. For example, the LG floor is in the style of Caribbean countries, the GF floor is Rome, the MF floor is Paris, the first floor is Tokyo, the second floor is London, the third floor is Istanbul, and the fourth to fifth floors are San Francisco, 6th floor is Los Angeles Hollywood.

Terminal21 The most not to be missed is the bathroom on each floor, all designed according to the different urban concept styles on each floor, and the toilets are also very high-end ones with powerful functions. The Impressionist bathroom on the basement floor and the Turkish bathroom on the third floor are really beautiful

In addition, the 5th floor San Francisco food court also recommends everyone to go. It is a bit similar to the "big food generation". All cards are first charged before consumption. The restaurants are all local Thai snacks. The taste is so-so and the prices are fair.

In fact, for Terminal21, the visitability itself is more important than the sweeping goods. It feels that most Chinese tourists regard the shopping mall as a scenic spot (it is estimated that the owner of the mall is also drunk). First, the shopping mall is not as grand as imagined. Second, compared with the Paragon or Central World, the goods to be sold here are obviously lower by several grades, and the consumption level also tends to be popular. Therefore, everyone here is a concave shape. Just take a picture!

Of course, when it comes to Terminal 21, my most, most, and most highly recommended is the newly opened Tim How Wan dim sum shop (Tim How Wan) Bangkok branch on the 3rd floor (Istanbul floor). Open)

Friends who have been to Hong Kong should not be unfamiliar with Tim Ho Wan. Its family has won the crown of one Michelin star restaurant for 6 consecutive years by recruiting pastry baked pork buns, and it is also known as "the cheapest Michelin restaurant"! With good luck this time, I can finally stop eating Thai food that is difficult to swallow next time I go to Bangkok!

However, I have only eaten its stores in Central and Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong before. It is really unclear whether the Bangkok store is authentic in taste and taste, and how much more expensive than Hong Kong. If you have been, please provide more information !

In addition to Terminal 21, the Tim Ho Wan dim sum shop reopened at The Street Ratchada mall in Bangkok, which also has another branch.

Take the MRT subway to Thailand Cultural Center Station (Thailand Cultural Center Station) and get out from Exit 4 and walk straight for 10 minutes.

In addition to the good luck at The Street mall, there is also a very authentic Sichuan restaurant, Sichuan Restaurant, on the 4th floor of the mall, which is also worth a try!

Erawan Shrine Recommended Index: 6 stars

The four-faced Buddha in Illawan shrine called "Buy as you wish" Buddha, and is one of the most prosperous Buddha statues in Thailand. Every day, many believers from all over the world come to visit.

The Erawan Shrine is located diagonally opposite the Central World. Take the BTS Sukhumvit Line and get off at Chit Lom. Exit the station from Exit 2 and follow the pedestrian bridge to Central World Walk for 3 minutes in the direction of the shopping mall, and you can reach it on the left hand side (it's easy to find, you can hear the sound of "Ding Ding Dong Dong" in Lao Yuan).


If you are taking the BTS train from Mo Chit (Mochi Station) to Bearing (Belling Station), after getting off, exit No. 2 and proceed in the opposite direction of the train direction. Conversely, if you are taking the BTS train from Bearing to Mo Chit, get off at Exit 2 and proceed in the same direction as the train.

The four-faced Buddha, as the name implies, has four Buddha faces, representing love, career, health and wealth. Believers generally spend 25 baht to purchase a set of sacrifices (including 12 joss sticks, 1 candle and 4 bunches of flowers), starting from the front of the Buddha statue (the side with feet) at the entrance, and worshiping one by one in a clockwise direction.

The front side prays for business and career; the second side prays for love and marriage (left side); the third side prays for wealth and wealth (behind); the fourth side prays for peace and health (right side). A string of flowers is laid on each side, and 3 incense sticks are added (the first one is worshiping the Buddha, the second one is worshiping the Buddhist scriptures, and the third one is worshiping the monk), and the candle is provided on the front. After worshipping in a clockwise circle, return to the front and worship again, and finally scoop the water to the left tank, patting the forehead, face, and arms.

In addition, when worshiping and making a wish, be sure to report to the Erawan Shrine where you came from, the birth date, and other information. The more detailed the better.

The prayer letter generally needs to explain the following:

Disciple ... (Describe the date of birth and place of residence) ... I would like to offer my sincerity and dedication to the Supreme Realm of the Heavenly Realm Brahma ... (Sacrifice) ... May the King ’s holy intention go well and beg for blessing ... (Describe desire Bless the details) ..., if everything is successful, the disciple is willing to give ... (explain the items to be donated) ... to show the utmost esteem.

After the Buddha is finished, you can fold back to the pedestrian bridge, and then follow the bridge to step into the next World Mall (Central World).

Buying incense candles, garlands, and other ritual Buddha supplies, but I am usually used to buying in the Erawan Shrine. I also saw in the guide that the outside price is more expensive, and the inside price is much more reasonable than the outside.

In addition, while walking from Chit Lom Station towards Central World, it is also on the left hand side, and has not yet reached the Erawan Shrine Erawan Shrine (next to Watsons). It also enshrines a jade Erawan Shrine. Dark green, there are also many locals who come to worship.

Asiatique Recommended Index: Five stars

Asia Wharf is a tourist attraction newly developed in Bangkok in recent years. Because it is adjacent to the Chao Phraya River, it is also translated as "river night market".

Although it is called a "night market", the Asian pier (riverside night market) is completely different from the traditionally dirty night market. The predecessor was the warehouse built by the Danish The East Asiatic company during the period of Rama V (1907-1947), antique The design of the warehouse not only adds a nostalgic atmosphere to the entire night market, but also makes it unique.

Naraya Bangkok Bag also has a shop at the Asian Terminal!

It is said that the Asian Terminal now attracts more than 1500 shops and more than 40 restaurants and bars. Everyone here can not only buy handicrafts, souvenirs, but also taste Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and various seafood. It is also nice to watch traditional Thai repertoire performances, or just walk along the riverside.

To get to the Asian pier, take the BTS to Saphan Taksin station and get off at Exit 2. Then walk to Sathorn pier in Sathorn according to the sign and transfer to the free Shattle boat ferry provided by the Asian pier. At 23:00, every 30 minutes, the free boat needs to line up, usually waiting longer, there is another paid ferry boat at Asia Terminal, 20 baht per person, which can be set off soon. If time is running fast, it ’s okay to pay for it. Although there is a free boat at the Asian terminal at 5 pm, it is recommended to queue there at 4:30.

Finally, by the way, I will mention the three must-see attractions in Bangkok: Grand Palace, Temple of the Reclining Buddha and Wat Arun. I have been to these four attractions when I visited Bangkok in 2014, so naturally I did not arrange them in Bangkok this year, but for the convenience of friends who are visiting Bangkok for the first time, I still mention these three by the way Travel tips for attractions:

Let ’s talk about the Grand Palace, one of Thailand ’s many royal palaces. The Grand Palace is one of the most well-preserved, largest, and most ethnically preserved Thai royal palaces. In addition to the essence of Thai architecture, decoration, carving, painting and other ethnic characteristics, it is also a place where all tourists who are visiting Bangkok for the first time must go to "punch".

The Grand Palace is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River. It was built in 1782 during the Rama I period (after the founding monarch Rama I of the Bangkok Dynasty ascended the throne and moved the capital from Thonburi to Bangkok on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River in 1782), equivalent to Forty-seven years of Qing Qianlong in Chinese history.

After the continuous expansion of the King of Siam, the grand palace complex that we saw today is finally formed. The Grand Palace used to be the royal residence of the Kingdom of Siam. The Bangkok dynasty lived in the Grand Palace from Rama I to Rama VIII.

After Rama VIII was stabbed in the palace in 1946, Rama IX (now King Bhumibol of Thailand) moved to Chitralada to live. The Grand Palace was only used for coronation, Court celebrations and other minority celebrations.

On the right side of this photo is the regular ticket office of the Grand Palace, and along the alleys in the photo toward the end of the pointed golden roof, it is the ticket gate at the entrance of the Grand Palace.

Of course, if you are really road blind, do n’t be afraid, just walk directly to the ticket gate at the entrance. Their staff will naturally tell you where to buy the ticket (the ticket gate is away from the regular ticket office). Not far, just a few steps away).

(2) Going through the entrance, the first visit is the Jade Buddha Temple. The Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple are actually a whole (the Jade Buddha Temple is equivalent to their royal temple to a certain extent). In addition to the above two (Jade Buddha Temple, Grand Palace is only valid on the same day), tickets for the Grand Palace include tickets for the 5th Emperor Teak Palace and the Old Parliament Building outside the palace (valid within 7 days). The teak palace and the old parliament building are very beautiful, remember to take the time to go!

(3) Online guides say that you can take the BTS Silom Line to the Saphan Taksin on the BTS Silom Line before going back to the cruise ship. In fact, Bangkok ’s BTS is ridiculously expensive. If you are not going alone, I suggest that you still take a taxi to make it more cost-effective. Of course, remember to let the driver check the meter.

In 2014, four of us took a taxi from an Asian hotel to the Grand Palace. On the road, we also encountered the yellow shirt army road closure, which was a detour and a morning peak. It was blocked for a while. Finally, we hit the table and even connected the driver tip Only 100 baht!

(4) As many online guides say, the Grand Palace is almost the "base" of scammers in Bangkok (and even the whole of Thailand). Many people will say that today the palace will not open, let you take a tuk-tuk to go around the Seven Buddhas , Eight Buddhas, and Nine Buddhas, you do n’t have to take care of them at all, unless the regular Imperial Forest Army at the gate of the palace stops you. Otherwise, they are all scammers!

Remember, if it is true that the Royal Forest Army stopped you, they will only tell you that the Grand Palace is not open to the public today, and they are not allowed to enter. They will never recommend where or where you go!

(5). There is a huge sand table model of Angkor Wat next to the Jade Buddha Temple. This is to commemorate the destruction of Angkor City by the Siamese army in 1431 AD (six years of Ming Xuanzong of China). The Angkor Dynasty was erected, not the Grand Palace. Do n’t make jokes: I remember when I went in 2014, a big sister said with confidence and confidence that this was the first time they built a model when they built the palace, and waited for the king to see the satisfaction before starting. Oops!

Regarding the Grand Palace, I wo n’t go into more details here. There are all major travel websites. I searched Google for a whole bunch. I will tell you a few practical tips for playing:

(1) I remember when I went in 2014, there will be a place to sell tickets on the right hand side of the Grand Palace as soon as I entered the palace gate. I do n’t know if it is still there. If it is still there, remember, do n’t buy it here. ticket! (This is very important, I almost got fooled), because it is surprisingly expensive to buy tickets here! Everyone knows that the tickets for the Grand Palace are all 500 baht per person for foreigners (I do n’t know how much the child ticket is), but visually, each ticket here must be sold for at least 1500 baht, and the extra 1,000 baht is deceiving you to hire The cost of a tour guide or rental interpreter!

So, everyone remember, as long as you do n’t get the exact information to prove that the ticket price of the Grand Palace has increased, but if the ticket price exceeds 500 baht, you do n’t have to think about it. They are definitely scammers (even if they are not scammers, they all hide their secrets) Kind of greasy or black hole consumption)!

Remember, after entering the Grand Palace, you have been striding inwards. On the left side of the road, you will see the green lawns and palace walls of the Royal Plaza. There will be many tourists taking pictures here. That ’s right, you Just continue to go forward with confidence!

Go to the front of there is another palace entrance (the palace entrance has the Yulin army guard, and there are fences to prohibit visitors from entering), facing the palace gate, on the left is the entrance roadway into the Grand Palace, facing the entrance roadway, on your right hand side Is the real ticket office! If you want to rent a Chinese audio guide, the ticket price at the ticket office is only 200 baht / 2 hours.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha (wat phrakeo), also known as Huguo Temple, was built in 1782 AD and was the place where the Thai royal family enshrined the Jade Buddha and held religious ceremonies.

The Jade Buddha Temple is located on a platform made of white marble, and the exterior is inlaid with golden glass pieces. The tall octagonal plants around are carved with birds and animals.

The eaves of the Jade Buddha Temple are golden, and there are a series of wind chimes hanging under the cornices. Outside the temple are 16 16-meter-tall, majestic and majestic guardian statues. There is also a pair of colored porcelain vases with plum, chrysanthemum, peony and flying bird patterns in front of the temple. This is said to be the second time the Chinese navigator Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty sailed to the west (AD 1407 to 1409, that is, Ming Yongle for five years to Yongle Seven years) brought to Siam.

In addition, when visiting the Jade Buddha Temple, you must take off your shoes when entering the main hall. Taking photos is not allowed in the main hall. Do n’t forget to touch the lotus with the lotus soaked in the water tank after you worship the Buddha. It is said that this can bring you Good luck!

The hall in the Jade Buddha Temple is tall, and the central shrine enshrines the jade Buddha statue regarded as the three treasures of Thailand's protection of the country (the other two treasures are: Success Buddha and Long Po Sotong).

The jade Buddha is 66 centimeters high and 48 centimeters wide. It is carved out of a single piece of jade and placed on an 11-meter-high gold altar. The Buddha statue is finely carved, vivid, and dark green in color, giving off the emerald brilliance in the cigarette winding.

On the left and right sides of the Jade Buddha seat, there is an emperor Buddha statue cast by the third emperor for the first emperor and the second emperor. Both emperor Buddha statues are cast in bronze and decorated with gold. It is said that the weight of gold used in each statue is 38 kg.

The Jade Buddha Temple has exquisite murals painted on all four sides. The front and back are completed by Rama I, and the left and right sides are works of III and IV.

Every year during the summer, rainy season and winter season change, the Thai king or crown prince will personally dress the jade Buddha. According to the Thai royal ritual, when the King of Thailand changed clothes for the Jade Buddha, he climbed the stairs behind the Jade Buddha with his hands folded, took off the crown and the robe of the Jade Buddha, sprinkled perfume on both sides of the neck of the Jade Buddha, and dried it with a white cloth to change The golden harp of last season. Then King Tai went down the stairs and dipped the white cloth that wiped the Jade Buddha in the perfume bowl, and sprinkled the water on the cloth as a blessing water to the worshipped crowd.

The gallery around the Jade Buddha Temple is about 1,000 meters long, and there are 187 murals depicting the story of the Indian epic "Ramayana".

This is a mythical story. King Rama is the incarnation of King Narayan, one of the three kings of Brahmanism. Once King Rama brought the beautiful princess Siddhar to the forest to hunt, but the ten-necked yaksha king of the Yaksha Kingdom took the opportunity to snatch the princess away, thus causing a war between man and demon. As a result, Yasha was defeated, and the beautiful princess was finally rescued.

Every tourist who comes to Thailand will definitely go to Jade Buddha Temple. But do you know the origin of this Jade Buddha Temple? In addition, do you know whether there is also a "Jade Buddha Temple" with the same name and name in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It's just that there is no Jade Buddha in the Jade Buddha Temple in Laos, only the temple. Where did the Jade Buddha go? Naturally, it was "robbed away" by "overbearing president" Thailand-or "robbed back".

Before the invasion of Western colonists, the history of Southeast Asia was basically a confusing account of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period. First, the rise of the Zhenla Kingdom and the Khmer Empire, which controlled most of the Indo-China Peninsula, and then the Siamese prosperity and the defeat of the Khmer; then the strength of Myanmar and Vietnam soared, and triumphant with the Siam, finally formed the border structure of the Mekong River Valley today .

Among them, Laos also briefly NB.

The "Lancang Kingdom" established in 1353 AD is the predecessor of modern Laos. At the height of its national strength, the territory had a large population and war elephants ("Langcang" in Thai-Lao language means "million elephants") once controlled a large territory in northern and northeastern Thailand. It was not until the rise of Siam and Vietnam that Laos declined in the gap between the two great powers.

At that time, you are awesome, and now he is NB, feng shui turns, no one is convinced: this is the basic theme of the ancient history of the countries of the Indochina Peninsula!

It was 1437 AD. One day, a pagoda in the Lanna Kingdom of Chiang Mai was struck by lightning, and the pagoda broke open, revealing a Buddha statue made of clay. The monks then moved the Buddha statue to the Buddhist temple for worship. During the transportation, there was a continuous drop of soil on the Buddha statue. There was a green object in the place where the drop off. The monk simply stripped the soil completely, and he was surprised that there was a jasper and carved sculpture in the body. In the hearts of the monarchs of Southeast Asian countries at that time, this jade Buddha, like the jade seal passed down from the West, the Jiuding of the Western Zhou Dynasty, or the dragon sword, was the symbol of commanding the world and the capital of the nations.

At that time, the Lancang Kingdom used various natural disasters as an excuse to borrow the Jade Buddha from the Lanna Kingdom to the country for blessing. Since then, it has not been returned. The Lanna Kingdom is small and helpless.

After the rise of Myanmar and Siam, heavy fighting for Chiang Mai, the Lao people are not strong enough, they can only move the capital east to Vientiane, and then take the Jade Buddha back to Vientiane, enshrined in the Lao version of the Jade Buddha Temple.

At this time, Laos, which had lost its prosperity, soon split into two kingdoms, Luang Prabang and Vientiane. The Kingdom of Luang Prabang is pro-Thai, while the Kingdom of Vientiane is pro-Burmese.

In 1765, the Burmese soldiers attacked Siam in three ways and defeated the dynasty of Ayutthaya in Thailand. The Vientiane Kingdom seized the opportunity to surrender to Myanmar and used the power of the Burmese to destroy the Kingdom of Luang Prabang. Unexpectedly, Emperor Zheng Xin was born and returned to China in one battle. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the war between China's Emperor Long and Myanmar, he drove the Burmese out of the country at one fell swoop and also included Chiang Mai in the Siamese territory.

The strength comparison of the Battle of Thailand and Burma was reversed too quickly. The Lao people probably did not respond, and still pursued the pro-Burmese and anti-Siam policy. Therefore, in 1778, Siam sent troops to capture Vientiane, known as the "Jade Buddha War". This battle was defeated, and the Vientiane Kingdom against Siam was destroyed, and Luang Prabang, which was close to Siam, was also destroyed. As a result, the Siamese completely transformed Laos into a subordinate country and ruled Laos for a hundred years.

As for the Jade Buddha? Needless to say, of course it was for "please" to go back to Siam.

In 1780, Zheng Xin transported it back to China and worshipped it in today's Zheng Wang Temple (also known as Temple of Dawn). In 1782, Rama I built the Royal Palace and the Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, and finally enshrined the Jade Buddha in the current Jade Buddha Temple, and produced three sets of gold garlands worn in summer, rainy season and winter. Every year with the change of seasons, the king or prince personally supports the ceremony to change the jade Buddha, which has been reported to Guotai and Min'an.

When the Jade Buddha returned to Siam, the Siamese felt that they deserved it. We have already included the Lanna Kingdom of Chiang Mai. This Chiang Mai is all Siamese territory, and the Jade Buddha that was taken from Chiang Mai in the past was naturally also It should belong to us Siam.

As for Lao? After the Jade Buddha was snatched away, the trauma in his heart was too great, and the shame and humiliation were like larvae in the throat, which could not be swallowed. Since then, the Lao monarchs of the past have accepted the Siamese masters on the surface, but in fact they have long wanted to counter the damsel.

In 1825, the Vientiane Kingdom Chao Anu secretly united with Vietnam and lifted their soldiers to attack Siam in three ways. Siam Rama III was furious and fought against Laos. After the fierce battle, the Lao soldiers were defeated, the Siam army commander drove straight in, and chopped off the grass, not only tortured the Lao king, but also razed the Lao Jade Buddha Temple.

In order to prevent future troubles, the Siamese army invaded the city and burned the whole Vientiane city without leaving a fire. It also completely canceled the nominal autonomy of the Vientiane Kingdom and incorporated Vientiane into the jurisdiction of Siam Nong Khai. The capital was burned and the royal family was killed. This time, the Lao people were seriously injured and completely lost the potential and will to compete with Siam.

30 years after the Siamese "Vientiane Demolition", the French came. After an unsuspecting "French-Siamese War", France split Cambodia and Laos from Siamese territory. The Lao who was so enamored of the Siamese rule, not to mention "rebelling against colonialism" at that time, simply broke away from Siam with the attitude of "succumbing to the pot and welcoming the king", and cast it into the arms of France and became French Indochina Part of the Jade Buddha Temple in Vientiane City today was built by the French. To this day, the Lao people still have high praises for the French, while their words for the Thais flash.

The time was right after World War II, when the Laotian regime in Laos was established. Thailand was worried that Laos would turn to Vietnam, so it secretly sent troops to support the right-wing armed forces in Laos. This time, Thailand took the wrong side again. After the Laotian Laotian regime controlled the country, it returned to Vietnam completely. There have been so many historical problems. Lao people finally turned over and became their masters. You and Thailand did this sooner or later. If there is no knot between these two countries, it would be a hell. .

Since then, the relationship between these two countries has been lukewarm, and there is a self-evident disgust and embarrassment in silence. Although the rich people in Laos like to drive to Bangkok on weekends, as long as you say "Thai Laos is really like it!" Or "Do you want to live in Thailand?", The Lao people will definitely correct it with integrity. You-"We are different from them, we are much prettier!"

A Buddha statue, a thousand years of grudges and hatred, has become a treasure of Thailand and a sadness for Laos.

Next, let ’s talk about Wat Pho-Temple of the Reclining Buddha.

The Reclining Buddha Temple, located next to the Grand Palace, is also known as the Bodhi Temple. It is the oldest temple in Bangkok and the largest temple in Thailand. After coming out of the Grand Palace, turn left with the back of the Grand Palace. After walking a distance, there is a T-junction (you can see a horizontal road and a small market opposite), here you turn left, and then continue along the main road Go ahead (your left hand side is the high wall of the Grand Palace) and walk to the next intersection.

Tickets for the Reclining Buddha are 100 baht. You can get a small bottle of mineral water for free with the ticket coupon. If you do n’t drink enough, you can also use the bottle to go to the drinking bucket next to the main hall of the Reclining Buddha. The Reclining Buddha Temple has a large area, divided into a temple area and a monastery area (the two areas are almost the same size). The only area available for tourists is the temple area, which is divided into the main hall area and the Tallinn area behind.

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha was built in 1788. This temple is famous for its two characteristics: First, it is the earliest university in Thailand and the birthplace of medicine and Thai massage (the temple can also enjoy authentic traditional massage, In the monastery, there are two rooms dedicated to massage.) The second is the huge reclining Buddha enshrined in the temple.

The most notable thing in the temple is the Dajue Buddha, which is golden and radiant. The Buddha statue is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, and almost occupies the entire hall space. It is difficult to get a panoramic view when taking pictures (it is recommended to go to the feet of the Buddha to squat down to view).

The feet of the reclining Buddha are decorated with 108 auspicious patterns made of shell inlays, which are very beautifully carved. The flat feet of the Buddha also represent one of the 32 extraordinary physical characteristics of the Buddha.

There is a whole row of monk bowls in the aisle behind the Buddha statue, a total of 108. If you want, you can exchange 20 baht for a pack of coins. Put the coins into the bowl one by one in order.

Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

Finally, let ’s talk about Wat Arun, located on the west bank of Chao Phraya River (Wat Arun)

When you come to the crossroads, you can see a ferry terminal (the ferry crossing to Zhengwang Temple on the other side and the Chao Phraya River Pier 8 are together), from here take the ferry to Zhengwang Temple, one way 3.5 Baht, About 3 minutes.

It is recommended that you visit in the order of "Great Palace-Temple of Reclining Buddha-Temple of King Zheng".

Wat Arun, also known as Wat Arun, whose full name is วัด อรุณ ราชวราราม ราชวรมหาวิหาร (Wat Arunratchawararam Ratchaworamahavihara), is the largest pagoda in Thailand. It is the largest pagoda in Thailand. Engraved with the temple of King Zheng. In addition, the annual New Year countdown event and fireworks display in Bangkok will also be held here, showing its status.

The main pagoda of Zhengwang Temple is 82 meters high (also known as 79 meters). It was built in 1842. The exterior of the minaret is decorated with intricate carvings and inlaid with various colored ceramic pieces, glass and shells. There are also four companion towers around the main tower to form a group of beautiful and huge towers.

There are steps around the pagoda leading to the top of the pagoda. The climbing steps are very high and very steep. Be careful, especially the second step is almost straight. It is recommended that the elderly and children should not climb because of safety considerations!

Ascend to Wat Arun, overlooking the Chao Phraya River and the Reclining Buddha Temple on the opposite side.

It is said that after King Zheng expelled the Burmese army, he descended along the Chao Phraya River and passed the temple before the dawn, and ordered to go ashore to worship in the temple. After King Zheng took the throne, he ordered the temple to be rebuilt and renamed "Temple of Dawn". Another claim that Zhengwang Temple is called "Temple of Dawn" is because the tallest spire in the temple is inserted into the sky, people think it is the first place to be exposed to sunlight every day, so it is called "Temple of Dawn".

Floating Market

In addition, the Dannoen Saduak Floating Market will be slightly mentioned.

Dannen Sado Floating Market is arguably Thailand's most famous and most exposed floating market. It is known as the "water theme park" of Thai culture and has a history of more than 100 years. The floating market is located in the southwest of Bangkok city, about 2 hours drive from the city. The online guide says that the southern bus station of Bangkok has a shuttle bus to Dannen Sado every morning at 5:50, which will be issued every 40 to 60 minutes. The price is about 30 to 50 baht, but when I went in 2015, I went from the hotel to a chartered car, so it is not very clear about the situation of taking the bus.

The online guide says that it is recommended that you go as soon as possible to avoid the peak period of tourists from 9 to 11, but according to my observation, this suggestion is suspected of teaching people to sell the account book. It ’s really not easy to get here. Secondly, after avoiding the peak time when tourists get together to enter the floating market, the vendors in the market either have n’t even sold their stalls, or they have already closed their stalls. You said that you will go now. What's the fun?

Next, talk about VAT Refund for Tourists in Thailand

When you travel to Thailand, you must remember to apply for a tax refund. Generally, such as department stores such as Central World, Paragon, Jiangxi Ling, large shopping malls, or large supermarkets such as Big C, or Watsons and Boots stores, as long as the same store on the same day is more than 2,000 baht, you can do it. Apply for tax refund.

However, there are a few points to note:

The first is about the tax refund for supermarket shopping. At present, Thailand has further relaxed the tax refund policy for foreign tourists. Any food purchased in a regular supermarket (except fresh food), tourist souvenirs, daily chemical supplies, textiles, etc. can participate in the tax refund. Take the Big C supermarket as an example. When shopping here, except for fresh food, all other products (including food) can be applied for a PP10 tax refund form at the Customer Center with a passport and shopping ticket as long as the single shopping ticket is over 2,000 baht.

However, friends who purchase food tax refunds must pay attention that when the airport tax refund office stamps, the customs may ask you to show them the same or a few items in the purchased food to determine whether you really took these foods out of the country. It ’s not all gone. Therefore, you must pay attention to the placement when packing the luggage, so as to facilitate your pick and place.

In addition to the Big C supermarket, several large supermarkets located above the Central World and underground Pavilion can also enjoy tax refund policies in addition to fresh food. However, the 7-11 convenience store and Naraya Bangkok package are currently not providing tax refund for shopping.

Second, from September 1, 2013, Thailand's tax refund was changed to a tiered tax refund. The tax refund rate varies from 4% to 7% according to the amount of the purchase of a single ticket, and the 100 baht refund fee has been cancelled.

In other words, the more a single store buys, the more expensive it will be, and the more the tax refund amount will be (please refer to the comparison table above for the detailed tax refund amount), and you can get the actual amount of the tax refund amount, No need to pay an extra handling fee. Therefore, it is recommended that you first go shopping when you shop, think about what you want to buy, and how much you buy, and then buy it all at once, so that you can enjoy a higher tax refund amount than buying it in several purchases.

For example, you bought several Thai silk products in Thailand's famous Jim Thompson, worth a total of 5,000 baht. If you buy one, you can enjoy a tax refund of 250 baht. But if you buy in two, the first time you only bought 2,000 baht, and when you go back to the hotel and think that you did n’t buy enough, the second time you went to the house and bought 3,000 baht, you two small tickets You can only get 80 baht and 120 baht respectively, which is a total of 200 baht tax refund. Compared with the 250 baht you can buy at one time, you will be refunded 50 baht less (equivalent to buying 10 yuan more expensive) RMB).

The third is to remember to bring your passport with you when you go shopping, and try to accumulate all tax refunds under one passport name, and you must remember to apply for tax refunds on the day of shopping. It cannot be processed the next day.

Fourth, if the tax refund amount exceeds 30,000 baht under a single passport, you must transfer the money to your credit card or savings card by bank transfer. However, this kind of situation rarely happens. Unless you buy a brand-name handbag, the amount of tax refund for each person will usually be in the range of a few hundred baht to a thousand baht, and the extra amount will be two to three thousand baht (This means you have to shop at least nearly 40,000 baht or more) It is already amazing.

Next, I will tell you in detail how the specific tax refund process works:

The first step, first, as written above, you must purchase more than 2,000 baht at the same day and in the same store at the same time, and this blue background must be posted on the door of the store or on the cash register The white "VAT REFUND" sign means that the store can handle tax refunds.

Of course, there are some stores (such as Watsons, Boots, and some LEE specialty stores) that do not post any tax refund logos, but in fact they also provide tax refunds for shopping, so before the best shopping, ask the store to know whether there are tax refunds (Do you have vat refund) before deciding to buy.

In the second step, after you have settled the account after buying the goods, take the passport and the invoice and tell the counter directly that you need to do a tax refund (I need vat refund). He will give you a yellow PP10 VAT refund form. The tax refund form must correctly fill in your name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, passport issuance and validity period, departure flight number and other information in English. After completing it, give it to the store owner. He will fill in the tax refund form with the name, quantity, and price of the item you purchased, calculate the amount of tax refund payable to you, and then sign and seal it. After that, the store will order the tax refund form and the shopping ticket together. You just need to keep it.

If you are shopping at Zen Department Store and Isetan Department Store in Central World, and Paragon, you can go directly to the dedicated Customer Service Center (Customer Center) in the mall with a small ticket.

The third step is to ensure that the total amount of shopping you have applied for tax refund has exceeded 5,000 baht.

The fourth step, on the day of departure, take all the tax-free goods and tax refund forms and passports to the airport tax refund office first and let the customs help you to confirm the stamp.


Every store that buys over 2,000 baht will have a tax refund form. When you finally leave the country, you will definitely have multiple tax refund forms on hand. Remember to give each stamp to the customs inspection stamp of the airport tax refund office. The stamping procedure of the tax refund form must be completed before the customs exits, otherwise you will not be able to enter and stamp again after exiting the customs and after passing through the security check. Many people just forgot to seal their stamps, and finally they did not get the tax refund at the tax refund window in the airport restricted area.

In addition, it should be noted that the customs stamp will have a date on it, and you must stamp it on the day of departure, which is invalid the next day. I met a young couple who flew from Bangkok to Xi'an in 2014. It was easy to save time. When I arrived in Bangkok from Chiang Mai the previous day, I took it and stamped it. As a result, because the stamp date does not match the departure date, I cannot get a tax refund paragraph.

Speaking of this stamped date, if you are flying on a red-eye flight, then you are likely to encounter an embarrassing situation. For example, if your plane departs from Bangkok at 1 am on January 2, you must naturally be The check-in and exit procedures must be completed before 14:00 on January 1st, and then go to the waiting hall after security check. Then this situation means that the stamping date on your tax refund form is January 1st, and when you change your boarding pass, after customs and security check, when you come to the international departure restricted area of ​​the airport, the time is already January 2Calendar, I am not sure if I can get the tax refund in this case. For friends who encounter such a situation, I can only suggest that one is to avoid booking this kind of red-eye flight as much as possible, and the other is to try to get early When you arrive at the airport, you must go to the staff of the airport customs tax rebate office to ask clearly on the day you enter!

Currently, the eight airports in Thailand that can provide tax refund services are: Don Muang Airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Phuket Airport, Hat Yai Airport, Krabi Airport, Pattaya U-Tapao Airport, Samui Airport covers almost all airports where Chinese tourists leave Thailand.

However, China Eastern Airlines Yunnan has a flight from Kunming to Chiang Rai (every Monday and Friday, MU2597 / 8). For passengers taking this flight, it is unclear whether Chiang Rai Airport can handle tax refunds. If you want to From Chiang Rai to Kunming, it is best to inquire clearly in advance.

Another thing is that when it is stamped, the customs may ask you to show one or a few of the goods for inspection, so be careful when loading luggage. This part of the tax refund application should be taken away. Moreover, the tax refund process and queuing time at the airport in Thailand are quite lengthy. Sometimes tax refunds are long queues. If you miss the flight because of this, you may lose the money, so it is recommended that you arrive at the airport three and a half hours to four hours in advance. Reliable.

The Tax Refund Office of Don Mueang Airport is located next to Gate 1 in the International Departure Check-in Hall of Terminal 1 (T1) (someone is available 24 hours a day).

The fifth step, after the tax refund form is stamped, you can't get the tax refund immediately, collect these documents first, and then go to the normal boarding pass, checked baggage, passport, customs clearance, security inspection ... · Wait until you have completed your passport inspection, exited customs, and passed the security check. Before going to the restricted area of ​​international departure to prepare for boarding, you can take the stamped tax refund form to the tax refund window not far from the security check line to queue up money.

Time: February 18

Location: Bangkok, Thailand-Kunming, China

Weather: overcast

Today is about to end my 18-day vacation trip in Thailand and I will return home. Because it is a plane at 9 o'clock in the morning, I have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to check out, and then let the hotel pack the breakfast and leave the hotel on time at 6 o'clock. Depart for the airport.

As before, this drop-off service was also booked online in advance in China. Three times of Bangkok drop-off bookings were booked, and the service was not bad, because it was a drop-off, and the drivers were very punctual, basically they were more than your order We will wait for you at the hotel lobby one or twenty minutes early.

Departing for the airport at 6 o'clock, it's still early, and the road is quite smooth, so I didn't choose the expressway. We arrived at Don Muang Airport at about 6:30.

Upon entering the airport, the whirling crowd, the hustle and bustle of the shoulders, and the scene of rush and tension are almost a match with the train station of the Chinese Spring Festival!

I have been to Thailand on vacation for three consecutive years from 2014 to 2016, and I have truly witnessed the rapid growth of passenger traffic at Don Muang Airport during these three years. I remember that when I came to Don Muang Airport in the first year, although there was a lot of people, it was not crowded to the point where it is now. I just thought that the airport was so lively, and the airport facilities were also very complete. Everything is just old, although it is a low-cost special airport, but compared with the past LCCT in Kuala Lumpur or the old Wujiaba Airport in Kunming, it is so good that after all, people have been Thailand ’s country until 2006. Gateway Gateway Airport!

When I come back in 2015, I feel that Don Mueang Airport will always be a crowded and bustling scene. If we come again this year, we can only describe it as "explosive"!

In Thailand, no matter which airport, before entering the airport terminal, all luggage must go through an X-ray machine in advance, and then they will put a green label on the luggage. It ’s nothing. It ’s good to protect everyone ’s safety. But trouble if they can improve the green label's adhesive tape. This adhesive tape is too bad. It is stuck on the box and waits for a tear at home. The label is torn off, but the glue is left on the box and the box is also Sticky

There are too many people at Don Mueang Airport. I just queued for the boarding pass and waited for 40 minutes in full queue. The twists and turns and the winding team let me once again appreciate what is called "Wanli Great Wall Wanli" long".

In the past, most of the travel by AirAsia was free-flowing individual passengers, but recently, perhaps considering that AirAsia's air tickets are cheaper and can save costs, there are more and more travel groups taking AirAsia. Today's trip from Bangkok to Kunming For AirAsia FD582, the proportion of visual tour groups and free-traveling guests is almost 50-50.

If there are too many people, you can open a few check-in counters anyway. The flight code FD (Asian Airlines (Thailand) Company) / AK (Asian Airlines (Malaysia) Company) / QZ (Asian Airlines (Indonesia)) AirAsia all add up to only 3 counters in check-in, the speed of the snail-like check-in can be imagined!

And the most unacceptable is: other airlines (such as Thai Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Dragonair, Cathay Pacific, Emirates) will set up special check-in counters for team passengers, the team can be separated from individual passengers for check-in. I do n’t know if it is because AirAsia is a low-cost airline. It does not distinguish between team passengers and individual passengers. Everyone is crowded to check in at these three check-in counters. ··

Finally, I changed the boarding pass and handled the consignment. As a result, when I waited in line to leave the country, it was a variety of things. It took me about thirty or forty minutes.

In fact, objectively speaking, under normal circumstances, Don Muang Airport can successfully complete the customs exit formalities in about 15 to 20 minutes. The reason why today ’s delay has nearly doubled is that my team encountered two accidents: At first A Chinese tourist who has already handled the exit has been entangled with the customs, saying whether he can be returned to the check-in hall to stamp the tax refund form, and then another Chinese tourist who was in front of the queue lost the exit form and delayed for a while. time.

Here I would like to remind everyone again: One is to remember to go to the customs tax refund office to stamp the tax refund form after arriving at the airport. After the customs, no one can return to the check-in hall based on the requirements of border risk prevention and control Sealed; the second one is to keep your Departure Card properly. In case of loss, it will cause trouble for you to leave the country.

Although the check-in and customs clearance took some time today, the security check was surprisingly fast. Even queuing up to the security check did not exceed 8 minutes, which was fast!

In Thailand, no matter which airport, before entering the airport terminal, all luggage must go through an X-ray machine in advance, and then they will put a green label on the luggage. It ’s nothing. It ’s good to protect everyone ’s safety. But trouble if they can improve the green label's adhesive tape. This adhesive tape is too bad. It is stuck on the box and waits for a tear at home. The label is torn off, but the glue is left on the box and the box is also Sticky

There are too many people at Don Mueang Airport. I just queued for the boarding pass and waited for 40 minutes in full queue. The twists and turns and the winding team let me once again appreciate what is called "Wanli Great Wall Wanli" long".

In the past, most of the travel by AirAsia was free-flowing individual passengers, but recently, perhaps considering that AirAsia's air tickets are cheaper and can save costs, there are more and more travel groups taking AirAsia. Today's trip from Bangkok to Kunming For AirAsia FD582, the proportion of visual tour groups and free-traveling guests is almost 50-50.

If there are too many people, you can open a few check-in counters anyway. The flight code FD (Asian Airlines (Thailand) Company) / AK (Asian Airlines (Malaysia) Company) / QZ (Asian Airlines (Indonesia)) AirAsia all add up to only 3 counters in check-in, the speed of the snail-like check-in can be imagined!

And the most unacceptable is: other airlines (such as Thai Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Dragonair, Cathay Pacific, Emirates) will set up special check-in counters for team passengers, the team can be separated from individual passengers for check-in. I do n’t know if it is because AirAsia is a low-cost airline. It does not distinguish between team passengers and individual passengers. Everyone is crowded to check in at these three check-in counters. ··

Finally, I changed the boarding pass and handled the consignment. As a result, when I waited in line to leave the country, it was a variety of things. It took me about thirty or forty minutes.

In fact, objectively speaking, under normal circumstances, Don Muang Airport can successfully complete the customs exit formalities in about 15 to 20 minutes. The reason why today ’s delay has nearly doubled is that my team encountered two accidents: At first A Chinese tourist who has already handled the exit has been entangled with the customs, saying whether he can be returned to the check-in hall to stamp the tax refund form, and then another Chinese tourist who was in front of the queue lost the exit form and delayed for a while. time.

Here I would like to remind everyone again: One is to remember to go to the customs tax refund office to stamp the tax refund form after arriving at the airport. After the customs, no one can return to the check-in hall based on the requirements of border risk prevention and control Sealed; the second one is to keep your Departure Card properly. In case of loss, it will cause trouble for you to leave the country.

Although the check-in and customs clearance took some time today, the security check was surprisingly fast. Even queuing up to the security check did not exceed 8 minutes, which was fast!

After passing the security check, the Customs Tax Refund Window is directly opposite the security checkpoint. Give the stamped tax refund form and your passport to the staff in the window to receive the tax refund smoothly.

But everyone should note that after receiving the tax refund, the previous yellow PP10 VAT refund form tax refund form and the invoice (or small ticket) nailed on the tax refund form will be recovered by the customs, so for those who purchase or if If you need an invoice, remember to take a photo of the invoice (or small ticket) and file it in advance.

For a small number of high-value luxury goods such as high-end jewelry, watches, designer bags, designer clothes, etc., the staff at the tax refund window may ask you to show them another original item for inspection, so remember This part of the article should be carried with you. However, it is estimated that no one is so stupid that they will be willing to put a necklace worth 40,000 or 50,000 or a luxury watch in the trolley case for shipping!

King Power Duty Free Shop at Don Muang Airport.

At the beginning of boarding, AirAsia Bangkok flights to and from Kunming do n’t rely on the bridge at Don Muang Airport either for departure or arrival. Passengers have to take a nasty shuttle bus to board / disembark. I hate taking the shuttle bus!

Ready to take off ...

The biggest annoyance for friends travelling on low-cost airlines such as AirAsia should be the luggage problem. Unlike traditional full-service airlines, LCC has specific and strict requirements for passengers ’luggage. For example, AirAsia clearly stipulates that: Passengers are only allowed to carry one cabin baggage and one laptop bag or one handbag. The size of the main hand luggage shall not exceed 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm, and the weight shall not exceed 7 kg.

Of course, most of the time, as long as your hand carry luggage is not excessively exaggerated, or it seems heavy enough that you can't even carry it, the ground handling at the AirAsia boarding gate will still be very friendly. For example, when I flew back from Bangkok this time, I turned away from a small backpack and carried two large bags of King Power shopping bags. AirAsia Ground was still released.

Like ordinary backpacks (except for the type of mountaineering bags) and some shopping bags, in fact, they can still be carried smoothly when squeezed and pressed (of course, you must also ensure that these hand carry Luggage must not be afraid of squeezing or pressure), so AirAsia ’s ground inspection will be more trolley bags and large backpacks like mountaineering bags, because these luggage are huge, not only occupying space, but also difficult to squeeze and carry the luggage rack .

However, there is no guarantee that AirAsia will have strict inspections: For example, the day before the Spring Festival holiday this year, my colleague also took the FD582 flight from Bangkok to Kunming at Don Muang Airport, and encountered strict ground handling inspections. All hand luggage was weighed. Although she didn't bring a trolley case, she was fined for carrying four large bags of luggage in shopping bags and a backpack. According to her, many people were punished by their peers.

And two years ago, my friend flew from Kuala Lumpur to Bali and encountered such a strict inspection of the amount and weight of carry-on luggage. In this case, once fined, even with the fine, there is no difference between buying this low-cost airline ticket and buying a regular-priced airline, but the problem is that regular-priced airlines also provide aircraft meals and opportunities for entertainment!

Of course, compared to the low-cost airlines such as AirAsia, regular-priced airlines or traditional full-service airlines, in terms of passenger carry-on luggage, in addition to baggage safety (no prohibited goods) and baggage size (must ensure that they can carry luggage ) In addition to strict requirements, there are not so many requirements in terms of quantity, but the price of their air tickets is naturally more expensive.

In addition, many people do not know that even low-cost airlines, all duty-free goods picked up at the airport are not counted in the quantity and weight of hand luggage-but if it is a product that can be picked up on the spot when it was purchased, then Both must be included in the calculation of the quantity and weight of hand luggage.

For those friends who like to help people purchase, try to help them go to the duty-free shop and pick up the goods at the airport. If you buy the thing and spend the money of the other party, you do n’t care whether it is expensive or cheap. You must be yourself No matter how convenient it is, it is impossible to be fined by the airline for the excessive baggage in order to help people purchase!

Our plane arrived at Kunming Changshui Airport

Our aircraft is uniquely painted. Unlike the traditional AirAsia's dazzling red aircraft, the entire body of this aircraft is painted yellow.

Just stepping out of the cabin, the cold wind greeted me. When I went out, Kun was freezing cold tomorrow. I did n’t expect to stay in Thailand for 19 days. I thought the spring city at this time should be sunny and spring blooming. I never wanted to go back to Kunming. It was still "the north wind blowing, the snowflakes floating. "!


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