Playing in Seoul for seven days

The story took place in July, between two little clerks who were bored. I am worried that I have nothing to do. Where can I go to scrutinize the ticket? Given that the salary of the small clerks is about two or three thousand per month, it must not be far away. ! Immediately ambitious, decided to blame! Regarding airfare, we are on, where Qunar compares the prices, and sees that the air ticket of Hong Kong Airlines is very suitable for our working class! So I spent a few days on the Internet, just about to buy a plane ticket, when two more people joined, resulting in buying a plane ticket is not resolute! Information is not complete! Missed the special ticket of HONGKONG EXPRESS! ! 78HKD! ! ! Just missed it! ! ! As a result, the cheapest airline ticket was not bought! due to! I thought I would n’t be able to shop without money! So I didn't buy the consignment! (It is recommended that you buy it when you buy a ticket, because it was 260 at the beginning! Later it became 500! A trip!) Go in the afternoon, and come back to work in the early morning! Regarding the visa, I bought it from Taobao ~ For the simple visa we got, we only need to provide the passport photo account registration application form. "Kanghui Travel Agency" 468, free shipping! About Internet, because WIFI is developed! So each of us bought a 2G calling card 74 for seven days. Completely enough! No need to rent eggs! You have to charge and bring more things on your body! How inconvenient! About accommodation: the room is the one booked on AIRBNB! Six nights at 2600! It is a suite, although the sparrow is small and full of organs! The point is good location! Convenience! Just upstairs from Exit 3 of Hongdae Subway Station! There is also! The temperature difference between morning and night is big this month. . It's so cold at night! ! I mean after nine o'clock. .

At 6:50 p.m. on October 4th, the plane went from Hong Kong to Incheon. We set off at half past two, because it ’s hard to handle things and it ’s better to prepare more time. You can pass the passport with your passport.

Take the train to Sheung Shui Station and get off at the bus station. Take the A43 double-decker bus and there is only one stop in the middle, and you will go directly to Hong Kong Airport. About an hour later, it was more than four o'clock at the airport. . . We had planned to eat instant noodles with instant noodles. As a result, before boarding the flight, the flight attendant said that because it was a low-cost carrier, he would not allow him to eat anything other than an airplane meal! . . then! Four people rushed to eat four instant noodles on the spot! ! ! ! !

Arrived in Korea at 11:30 local time! After a lot of tossing it will be more than twelve! The taxi is expensive and the subway is gone! I had to take the bus! ! Outside the first floor of the arrival hall is the bus stop, find 6001. Fifteen minutes, one hour to Seoul Station (train station), and then transfer to the taxi to our place! Hongdae! 83 Yanghua Road! A total of 8600won.

In such a marathon, you must be hungry, and then called a roast chicken 6000won in the street stall, and a fried rice cake 2500won! At first glance, that chicken is a dead chicken! Meat is cotton! ! ! expensive! But there is no way to be hungry! !

Such a day passed!

TAXI 。。。

At night, the taxis in this class felt that the people next to them would become ZOMBIES. .

Go out at nine! Crossing the street is where Hongdae goes shopping!

There is so much to eat here! It is probably near the school, so the price is relatively close to the people. . . . .


Store name downstairs: Mapo Naru House

The address is: 364-19 SEOGYO-DONG, MAPO-GU, SEOUL

(Near Tickeye 3D Art Museum)

The food is satisfying, the traditional ingredients are sufficient, and the sister in the store can speak Chinese! Don't understand when ordering! After finishing the order, he will speak Chinese with you! fine! cunning! Hahahaha!

Kimchi hot pot



Spare Ribs Soup!

yangwha bridge!

Because of the food! Other group members have no requirements for the route! As an athlete, I am very happy to go to Korea with my legs! So I dictatorship across the Han River!

Looking at Hongdae on the map and walking to Jiangnan seems to have crossed the bridge. . Haha result. . . . . . . No matter what, I left anyway. It's only us on the bridge at noon. . . The weather is very sunny! the air is good! I enjoy it!

There are many decent Huimin gyms under the bridge! Do that comprehensively! Everything! Compared to those downstairs. . . It's a luxurious indoor gym, which is enough for me to play for an hour or two. . .

The only thing uncomfortable on the bridge is that it is still far away. . . . Hahahaha ~~ All directions are in the water center! but! I do not regret! Not many people have tried it! No one on the bridge loves to play. .

I'm really tired after crossing the bridge. . Go to Tangshan Station and take the subway. . then. . There will be the first bus ride on the journey! ! Go straight under the bridge and turn left, turn left and walk for more than ten minutes is the subway station. . But no one is expected to follow me on this trip. Hahahahaha

The path we walked ~ was attracted by all kinds of small houses and then took various pictures, feeling that I was back in the countryside! ! ! Neat country!

Then there are so many messy telephone poles or something. . It really looks like a house in the countryside ~

The gym mentioned above ~

In fact, I really enjoyed the time I walked on the bridge. . . . . I also walked across the bridge in Shanghai where the rain fell so much that Yiping jumped the river. Hahahahahahahaha

I do n’t like this place ~ because. . I can't afford the things in the shop!

Everyone said tired. . . . . . I just found a coffee shop ..... hea ............................

We went into the store to see that most of the clothes are FREE STYLE ... No size. . . I am so petite. . Thank you so much Korea for saving me money hahahaha

In the big chain COFFE SHOP ---- BEANSBINS COFFEE ... I ate an original Ice cream waffle ... It was okay to eat, and I could n’t drink it. . .

This is everyone's tired face on the bus stop after taking the bus to Jiangnan! poor

The bus got off the bus with a breath of major pedestrian streets in the Mainland. .

A lot of snacks ~ All kimchi colors ~

The most popular thing is fried rice cake ~ the average price is 2500won. .

Flagship store of local cute brand KAKAO FRIENDS!

The doll inside is so cute. . The girl's heart was so big that she didn't want to leave. . . .

Can't get behind!

I want to buy him a quilt. . sold-out now. . .

Tourist sightseeing place. . Line up to take pictures. . . . . . .

Across the road from the flagship store, I found a store that eats traditional Korean food.

Really surprised, just find a delicious one! ! We don't love sweet things ~ I found that four people here must order four servings! We want to call it less! ! We shouted the kimchi hotpot for two and there was a kimchi or fried sauce. . . Don't understand. .

That hot pot is delicious! ! !

Eat and drink, and get off the road tomorrow. . . This shop is not big. . The table turnover rate is quite high, not very waiting. . The meal was also delivered hard, and there was an aunt who spoke Chinese. . The men who collect money do n’t speak Chinese and hold the aunt to talk to us.

Take the subway back to the residence, I believe it is very easy to see the subway map.

Well, I do n’t know where to eat the best. We ate 17,000won fried chicken at the first green signboard underground shop on the 8th subway entrance of Hongdae .. It was really delicious! ! ! !

It's great to pack back and eat fried chicken quietly! ! ! ! ! Better to eat roast chicken by the road! ! ! !

Take the subway to the Gyeongbokgung station. .

Seeing what a big city looks like ~~~~

Walking on the square in the middle of the road, there is a small counter under the statue. As long as you show your passport, you can wear a hanbok for a photo for free ~ 5 minutes. . . five minutes. . . That's enough. . . You have to wait in line ~ wait in line ~ no one was there when we went. . No need to wait. . Very good free these things hahaha. .

Go forward to the Guanghua Gate and enter the right side to buy tickets to go to Gyeongbokgung Palace. . (Because I went in with the regiment before ... I won't go in ...) It feels like we are not as majestic as the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City ~ I didn't go in. . To the right of Guanghuamen is Beicun Xincun. . On the left is Tongren Market. . We are hungry, go left! ! !

Free. !

I remember that I can't take the selfie stick when I take a photo. I took it and said NO SEFIE. . . Hahahaha

The Guanghua Gate is just inside. . ignore. . .

The laxative medicine I bought at the pharmacy in the middle of the road is very good. It is the cheapest in Seoul, 500won cheaper than my one in Myeongdong!

We can't be hungry until we reach the market. . I found a little street shop and ate. . It feels like everyone is eating. . .

Lucky is full. . When I go to the market, I feel that I am not used to it. . The main thing is to buy currency. . And each person is required to buy a plate. We said that if four people use one together, he will not sell it to us. . Gee Gee, how can this be. . . I won't buy it! 5000won alone, but it seems to be used for a string of coins. .

A lot of signs along the way said that they can only buy it through currency. . . Let's choose something that can be used in cash. .

But I didn't really want to eat it. . Really good kimchi. . . . . . . . . . MY GOD.

Sell ​​an ad for laxatives. . I rely on it for constipation during the journey! ! ! So I did n’t get fat! ! The pampered gastrointestinal stomach is really gone without him. . . . Valid for three to four hours. . Different pharmacies have different prices. . It's about sixty or seventy. .

There are many photos of RUNNINNG MAN. . One episode is running here. . There are also many people. .

Most of these pickled things are unaccustomed to me. . .

Finally, I chose the most popular yakitori! It seems 3000won. .

This salty one. . . good to eat. . . I also bought grunt. . . . . . . . . . . .

Lucky had eaten previously. . . . . .

Keep walking along the road ~ past Qingwatai. . I arrived at Hanok Village. .

In the middle, a security guard will ask us if we are tourists, because the government lot must open the package and show him the security check. . Well ~ The security guards here are very handsome and very drama. . . All handsome guys are good security guards. . . On the way are very Korean people. . . .

A little handsome guy was photographed below. . . Hee hee. .

This Hanok Village ~ Because I do n’t see Korean dramas much, so I should feel the local culture. . It feels quite clean. . . . . . . . . Country ~~~~ On the road, there will be an aunt holding a sign and calling us keep quite. . ~~ It seems that there are really people living in the house. How rich is the knowledge inside? . . OMG ..

good looking!

Stepping on Insadong. . There is a feeling of Dongmen Street, I feel. It doesn't matter whether you come or not, everything you buy is the same. . . .

We came from the village. . Then continue to Myeongdong. . . . . . .

Great East Gate! Great East Gate! ! ! ! So busy, so many things to eat! ! Grilled corn or something, the important thing is that the public toilet is great! clean. . . . . I came here mainly for food. . Will go back. . Come along. .

Iconic church, photographs prove that I have been here! ! ! ! ! !

This is a very pit shop, eating grilled Korean beef. . . I said it was very expensive! ! He coaxed us to buy a set meal! One hundred thousand! ! Just three pieces of meat, let me go! ! ! I went to more than six hundred in one meal. . . . Although full. . . . At first, I heard 40,000 yuan and I said yes. . . . . Asi! ! ! WeChat payment has been reduced by twelve yuan. . . . Powerful public comment. . It is also the public who let me come. . . . This is an upstairs shop. . . .

Eat breakfast downstairs!

Randomly choose a family with pilaf to eat, and only this one opened so early. . . . . . . . . .

I want to say. . Vegetable pilaf is not tasty. . Others are okay, and others are ordering per person. . I am very dissatisfied!

Every meal here has cost two hundred dollars. . . Tired. . . You cannot travel without money. . . .

This kimchi cake is good. . . . .

The tuna stuffed rice is pretty good but there are many. . . . . . . . . I thought I could package it. . result. . . ate up. . . .

Hongdae has a subway to Itaewon. .

A very exotic place, there are many places to roast Korean beef ~ It is recommended to come in the afternoon ~ You can eat when you are almost there. . My sister wrote many places for me. . But because the time is not right. . and so. . . . Afternoon tea left. .

It is better to buy food at the market or supermarket, which is much cheaper than Lotte Duty Free. . .

Any exit will do, there are places to shop ~

You can go shopping when you see a lot of national flags hanging. . . .

Go inside. . A companion said that he was too tired to walk. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I found a place to eat ice cream and planned to charge it and went to Seoul Tower. . .

【baskin BR robbins】

Expect enough! ! good to eat! ! ! Thousands of pieces, it seems. . forget. .

SO can't move. . . . . .

Seeing this flagship store on the road ~ Little excited, and met the feeling of love around the corner. . . .

A lot of cute things ~ There are a lot of pictures upstairs. . It seems that Guangzhou has opened one too, but! No one here! Just shoot! !

You can experience VR glasses without queuing or squeezing! Well. . My first time. . .

Sorry, I like to shoot people. . All photos have people. . Prove that I have been here! ! The scenery can be found everywhere, but I only have my photos! Hahaha! !

All right. Photographed and gone. .

it's raining outside. . . . I went back to Hongdae to eat instant noodles. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Full marks! ! Full marks! ! Full marks! ! Full marks! ! !

Go to a city to feel and integrate into the local atmosphere! Going to CLUB is the most direct! ! and! I really like this club! ! It's really fresh for me! ! Excellent! ! It's all Ouba! !

Go ahead at twelve o'clock and have a free drink! ! Tickets are 10,000! !

Go more than ten! It's about to line up! ! ! ! ! ! !

Take a look! There is no table! All dancing! ! ! ! ! All of them are dancing, wow ha ha ha ha ha ha

We went around for a week to get acquainted with the environment. . Take the free drink ticket in hand and exchange it for a drink to make yourself more integrated into this environment first! ! awesome! ! Really like it! ! I like it too! !

People are very addicted to their relaxing world, regardless of the eyes of others. . I also found out how Koreans can dance! ! And enthusiastic! ! When I think about it, I get high again. . . . . .

NB1 and NB2 can be mixed!

If it is not the next day, there is a trip to go. . Really decisive battle until dawn! !

It rains heavily when you go out. . . Three of us. . . . The rain went back for half an hour. . . but! ! Very happy! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! worth it !!

I think it's quite fun to follow the scenic spots. . If your partner is good, everything will be fine. .

I thought there was no boyfriend to come to this place where the tower is locked. . But a few women are also very funny ha ha ha ha ha we did not go to the observation tower. . Just take a cable car and go up. . More than forty people, there is no need to buy online, not much cheaper. . . No need to line up. . I don't know why there was no one in the whole journey. . .

Take the elevator downstairs to buy tickets ~~

Actually not high. . It's not bad to climb up. . We saw a lot of people walking down from the bottom of the mountain after the exercise. It felt great. . The temperature on the mountain is really cool ~~~

This stool seems quite famous. . .

It ’s fun to go down the path beside the mountain because no one hahahaha

What are you doing, cherries? Hahahahaha

Go down to the tower and go straight to Myeongdong to eat seafood. . Before eating seafood, I walked into a shop called ALLMASK. . Just swept the mask for more than a thousand dollars. . Piggyback me. . . But it's really cheaper than anywhere else! ! So I am willing to carry it. . . .

We ate this restaurant because old card saw it without knowing that TV show. . Opposite the Lotte Duty Free Shop. . Go to the exit of the duty-free shop in Myeongdong. . (The pharmacy next to it will be more expensive !!)

59000! super configuration! awesome! It's all steamed! fresh! big! ! awesome! !

Satisfy. . More than Han Niu. . . .

Messy cherry

It coincides with the Seoul International Fireworks Festival at night. . When we saw the most people in Seoul! ! Super multiplayer! !

I'm really afraid of their transformation! !

Early on, we went back to eat instant noodles. . I took the subway to Yeouido to see the fireworks. .

Really many people. . I deleted the photo. . Photographing fireworks on a mobile phone is not good-looking. . . .

After watching the fireworks, they still have the second half. . A very hilarious song! ! But we are gone. .

We are going to the Yongsan Khan Steamer near Seoul Station! soft. .

Probably because of the crowd. . Super multiplayer. . It ’s all in Mandarin. .

But I found that it was more worthwhile to take the night machine and steam here for a night than to go to the hotel. . . Per capita is more than ninety yuan. . There are many things in it that have to be paid for separately. . For example massage. . Do n’t use those sweats ~

Entering is like a thousand and a thousand seek. . Hahaha eye-opening. .

Eating inside will not be more expensive than outside. The weight will be less. It is not recommended to order that curry rice. .

And I saw a lot of couples here or sweet. . . Just find a place to sleep there. .

Ok. . I betrayed you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Finally, take a taxi and go back. . More than nine thousand dollars. . . It's only nine kilometers. . . . . .

The weather is good, the people are beautiful, and everything is good! Come here, student spirit comes. . Quite lining, I walked inside like no tourist! ! Very literate and stylish! !

There is nothing to go shopping while shopping, lack of silver. . . ,

My sister told me to buy clothes for him. . I said [the clothes are all Taobao! Go back to Taobao! ! ! 】 Sister said! [People Taobao is like this! ! ]. . . It seems very reasonable. . . . . . . But I still can't buy it. . . . . The clothes I bought on the street cost a few hundred pieces. I really do. . under. . Do not. . Too. . hand. . .

And all are one size. . Don't let it try. . . . . . . . . . . . You wear him all by yourself!

Very fresh breath. .

For the army hot pot, tried the first bad hot pot. . . The picture below has a name. .

because of. . Sweet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There are full of stickers on both sides. . It seems to be protesting something. . can not read it. . . . . . It's also funny that it says, please don't write your wishes on it. This is the site for students. . some type of. . . . . . .

This [L] is really funny, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Well, I walked around and found that my passport was gone. . Fortunately, Aji's mom at this shop picked it up for me. . It's really iron! ! ! !

From here to Myeongdong?

It seems to be walking. . . .

Go shopping. . . On the eighth floor. . . Department stores and tax exemptions are different! ! Remember to go to the eighth floor. . .

Many discounts. . . We have more than three. . It looks like eight o'clock in the evening. . It's going to be scrapped! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Hypoxia! ! ! What you bought. . . ignore it. .

Well, just find a sweet army hot pot that you eat and eat. . . Clearly asked the clerk if he was sweet, he said no. . . . . . . . . . . .

I have to eat fried chicken when I go back! !

Still the one!

Get into the village and get a cold drink as soon as you go out!

Just walk around, there are still many things to buy. . Clothes and shoes. . . Actually, I think the socks are fine here. . The quality is not very good. . It is CUTE. . Taobao also has it. . . . . . . . . . . . why ....

Look at the photos. . One day passed. . . .

mocha freeze.. 4500

international Little Sheep!

Walking and walking hungry to see this day. . 7500 A fried pork chop set meal. . I feel so delicious, so I went in and ordered a serving

Takeaway. . . . . . .

Go to the park to eat. . . . . . . . . . . . Squat to eat. . . . Four people eat together. . . . . . . . .

Then I took more than half an hour of panoramic transient photos on this slide. . . . . . . . . . . . I'm exhausted! ! !

at last. . Went to HelloKittyCafe. . Why do you want to go to Shenzhen in Korea? ?

Because the scale can not be compared at all! The price is much cheaper than Shenzhen! ! ! ! ! ! Shenzhen is too small to go. . . . . It's relatively luxurious and nobody here! !

Don't play with your phone on the road! ! !

The Last Supper. . End in this barbecue restaurant opened by the stars! Feel the breath of a thick pig! ! ! There is also the feeling of a star! ! and! ! Not expensive! ! worth going! !

gone. . The best we drink is an intimate beverage shop. . . Spiritual food. . . . .

"EDIYA COFFEE" should be everywhere. . . . I like it because it is cheap. . . . We all like it. . . PEach ice tea is good.

Azath in vain. . . . . . .

When you buy something, remember to press the tax refund in the store. If the tax is less than 75000, you don't need to go through customs inspection. . Just scan it on the machine. But on the premise that you have to handle the tax refund on the city tax refund machine. Another important point is. . . Travel abroad. . I would like to trouble you to get the VISA / MASTER card yourself. . Tax refunds must be guaranteed. . . How annoying to borrow it! The tax for the guarantee has not been refunded to me yet! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Asi! ! ! ! !

You can only get things from the online duty-free shops after they pass the level. . Just do n’t take low-cost flights if you have money. . We almost got bought and checked. . Scared me. .

ok Prepare for the next journey. . .


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