Sanya | The most beautiful years we walked together

Originally, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday was planned to play with my two children in a city where the high-speed rail can reach for three days. However, after a trip to Huizhou on a weekend in August, we inexplicably formed "Find Friends" "Team. Unfinished, we decided to use the Mid-Autumn Festival three days to continue to go out to "find friends", first set a small goal, go to Sanya!

| How to play in Sanya |

1. Leisurely vacation. If you choose to go to Sanya for a vacation, then there is no hesitation in choosing Yalong Bay. The water quality of Yalong Bay in many bays in Sanya is the best, and because Yalong Bay is far from the urban area, there are relatively few people on the beach. Yalong Bay is a five-star hotel, with all the facilities in the hotel. Yalong Bay Beach is just outside the hotel. It is not boring to stay there for two or three days.

2. Play for young people. For a good meal in Sanya, I recommend living near Sanya Bay. Sanya Bay is close to the airport and the urban area. It is also more convenient to eat seafood dinner or go to Wuzhizhou Island and other islands to go to sea. It is now more and more common for Sanya to charter a yacht. Dadonghai and Yalong Bay both have yacht marinas, which can rent a variety of yachts, which is very suitable for a group of friends to hang out.

3. Play in middle and old age. Nanhai Guanyin, Tianya Haijiao, Forest Park and other famous scenic spots in Sanya must be the favorites of middle-aged and old people. (Probably like this ...)

| How to choose a hotel |

1. There are a large number of five-star hotels on the coast of Yalong Bay, which is the best place for leisure vacation. I remember going to Sanya three or four years ago. At that time, I chose a hotel in Yalong Bay and stayed for 3 days. Every day I went to the sea to swim, sunbathe, play in the hotel, take pictures, eat and drink, very leisurely.

2. Hotels in Sanya Bay are much cheaper. Hotels of the same brand in Sanya Bay may be half cheaper than in Yalong Bay, and Sanya Bay is near the airport and the urban area. It is also more convenient to eat and go out, so most people will choose Overnight in Sanya Bay.

3. There are also many high-end hotels on the newly developed Haitang Bay. The coastline outside the hotel is long and the water quality is quite good. In Sanya, the local master said that Haitang Bay is the best place to stay, but I personally feel that Haitang Bay is far from the city center and the airport.

| How to rent a yacht |

1. There are a few general ways to rent a yacht in Sanya. Some things only need to be calculated according to the number of people. About 200 to 500 yuan per person for a ticket, you can board a large yacht that can carry about 20 people, and then all people It ’s cheap to go out together in the afternoon or morning, but I think it ’s boring to be on a yacht with a group of people I do n’t know. There is also a yacht or sailing boat that you can pack yourself. Whether you are 2 or 10 people, there is always a yacht or sailing boat suitable for you. The general yacht rental starts at three hours, and the three-hour price ranges from 2,000 to 6,000 yuan, with a slight increase on holidays.

2. If you choose to rent a boat, the price of the sailing boat is cheaper than that of the yacht, and the comfort of the yacht will be higher, but I personally feel that the sailing boat feels more like the sea! Generally, a three-hour boat is rented in Sanya to go to sea, and the actual sailing time is not long. The boat will sail to a certain area and then anchor and stop. Then we can fish, snorkel or play some water projects in Shanghai.

3. It must be noted that if the weather can be guaranteed on the day of going out to sea, the waves will be fine. If the weather cannot be guaranteed, you must take seasickness medicine in advance! On the day we went to sea, the waves were so big that several of our friends were seasick, and of course including seasickness professional JK. Haha, and finally we had to return early.

| Where to eat seafood |

Sanya No. 1 Seafood Market has the most seafood, and there is a seafood processing store next to it. The usual process is to choose a reliable store and sit down, and then let the clerk take you to the seafood market to buy seafood and bring it to the store for processing. Then they only Processing fees only. Speaking of reliable seafood stores, our visit this time is Sister Lin, one of the must-eat delicacies in Sanya. Here is a reminder that if you go to the seafood market in the high season, you must take early breakfast, otherwise you will wait until you collapse. In addition to eating seafood in the processing store of the first seafood market, you can also find some seafood restaurants with a relatively high reputation and a positive reputation, and save you the trouble of selecting seafood, but the cost will definitely be much higher than the first market.

<Special products bought there>

Sanya specialties are mostly concentrated in these categories, tropical fruits, dried seafood, followed by tobacco, alcohol and tea. Tropical fruits are the most commonly brought back. Here I want to highlight that many travellers recommend going to the first market or the Hong Kong market to buy fruits. I think that there is a row of wholesale markets. The fruit may be much cheaper, but it is not necessarily like this. In fact, the large wholesale market is still mainly aimed at some merchants. As tourists, they go to retail to buy, but there is no great discount. Here I recommend a more reliable fruit delivery company in the same city in Sanya: "Call an orangutan"; you can follow their WeChat public account: "call an orangutan", which can be directly delivered to your hotel or airport, and you do n’t have to use it yourself. To choose, at the same time, calling an orangutan is also officially recommended by Ant Cellular, which is more reliable! In addition, dried seafood and tobacco, alcohol and tea can go to the larger Wanghao supermarket in Sanya.

| Island Tour Little Tips |

1. Three-piece sunscreen: sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

2. Two-piece set after sun exposure: facial mask, aloe vera gel. When you go to the beach for a few days, you can take a few pieces. It is better to apply the mask immediately after the sun.

3. Bring a waterproof bag, you can put important things inside if you go out to sea.

4. Bring a few more sets of clothes, two sets of wet a day is a matter of minutes.

5. If you go to sea, bring a large bath towel

Sanya in September is particularly sultry. The sky is not clear but the sun is extremely hot, and the sun is burning and the eyes are not open. We arrived at Sanya Airport at about 11 am on the first day. As soon as we got out of the cabin, we felt a scorching heat wave. The sweat that came out didn't have time to penetrate into our clothes before it was evaporated. After the two rounds, we went straight to the hotel. On the first day, we stayed at the Wyndham Hotel Sanya Bay, about 20 minutes away from the airport, the price is moderate, because it is the off-season of Sanya, the hotel also helps us for free Upgrade to a sea view room.

The enthusiasm for taking pictures on the first day of general travel is the highest. Take a group photo if you don't agree!

The following two pictures are room photos taken after returning to the room after dinner ~ The hotel was newly renovated in 2015, so the overall facilities are relatively new and the space is quite large. In general, it is a very cost-effective hotel.

It is already 12 noon to settle in the hotel, because we have scheduled a sailing boat to go out to sea at 3 pm, so we plan to bring the clothes to be changed to the sea for lunch, and then go directly to the sea.

Because the place where the yacht went to sea was relatively close to No.1 Seafood Market, we decided to go there for food at noon. There are many seafood processing shops next to the first seafood market. The storefront is not large, but there are many choices. We can select the ingredients in the seafood market and then process it in the store. The store will only charge the processing fee. When buying seafood, you still have to do your homework in advance to understand the approximate price. The shop we picked was the top-ranking Lin Jie fragrance seafood recommended by Ma Honeycomb. There are no bad comments in the thousands of reviews. I believe that the public's comments will not be wrong. There are not many people in the shop at noon, the taste is amazing, and the food is quite fast. We let the people in the shop help bring the seafood to buy, will help bargain, and will also introduce us the variety of seafood. Very reliable .

Spicy stir-fried spicy crab is said to be the signature dish. It is delicious. It makes people want to eat. It is the best spicy crab I have ever tasted.

Spicy stir-fried snails, this is the first time to eat, introduced by the elder sister in the store, the taste is very good, with a little sweet, plus a little spicy, super delicious.

The steamed scallops are vermicelli and the meat is very chewy. The vermicelli is served with garlic.

Salt and pepper shrimp mushrooms, this is super delicious. Since I have mastered the method of peeling manure shrimp, I can't love this seafood any more!

The steamed grouper is very fresh and tender, it can be said that the entrance melts!

After eating, come to a glass of freshly squeezed mango juice, too satisfying! It is said that many seafood stores in Sanya sell this freshly squeezed mango juice, and I have a few meals behind, super delicious! After all, when the city is rich in tropical fruits, mango is really big and sweet!

After lunch, we went into a supermarket and went shopping, planning to buy some beer and snacks on the sailboat. A group of friends sailing together with the wind and waves should be accompanied by a bottle of beer!

Facts have proved that I think too much, because of the typhoon, the waves are a bit big. When the sailing boat leaves the port, the entire sailing boat bumps up and down like a speedboat, and can only sit honestly in the cabin. Later, when the ship broke down on the sea, it was even more terrifying. Not only did it rock back and forth, but also left and right. Even the master who sailed the boat said that we had a bit of bad luck. Today the waves are so big that it is not suitable for going to sea. Not to mention drinking beer, just being drunk twice on the boat is going to be drunk. After this afternoon, the friends can be regarded as the life and death of the common suffering ...

The contact person of the yacht agent contacted me the day before and confirmed the departure time and place with me. As a reminder, you must bring an ID card when going out to sea. The yacht club people say that the investigation is still very strict at sea.

Our sailing boat is a yacht club docked at Hongzhou Wharf. Below is our scheduled sailing boat ~ Lagoon 450 catamaran! However, the so-called very stable sailboat was ultimately unable to withstand the strong winds and waves of the day, and finally we were all stunned ... We originally expected to raise the sails after the smooth sailing, but unfortunately the wind and waves were too large, and Just stop.

After being dizzy twice in Bali last time, JK said he could n’t be more afraid of the ship. At this moment, he stood in front of the ship and thoughtfully looked at the swaying hull, even I could n’t help him. Pinch cold sweat.

The internal space of this ship is quite large, with a living room, two bedrooms and two toilets, but the bedroom and toilet space is relatively closed and very depressed. Then please think twice before entering the cabin, it really makes you nausea and vomiting in minutes. Even a person like me, who is not prone to motion sickness, silently went into the cabin bedroom to change a swimsuit after going out to the sea, but it took me 5 minutes to shake my head. This boat can provide liveaboard. The master who sailed said that those who rented liveaboard for three days and two nights are also the ship. Later, when I remembered the words of the master, I admired the people who lived in these liveaboards. I changed my clothes in the bedroom and almost hung up. These people can still lie here and sleep for two nights. Really remind you again, please take seasickness medicine when going out to sea!

The kitchen table has everything. There are two bedrooms and two toilets on the lower floor. The bedroom can only accommodate the next bed, which is about the size of a single bed in a five-star hotel, but it is no problem to squeeze and sleep two people. This means that the ship can sleep at least four people at the same time.

The sailing boat set sail and sailed out of the port of Hongzhou Wharf. The sea water gradually turned blue-green. Because the route of our sailing boat is from the pier to Sanya Cape, it ca n’t be completely sailed into the open sea. But this is a super romantic color similar to tiffany blue.

The master of sailing is very professional, because today the waves are very big, so the skills of the sailor are especially tested. He said that when the waves are high, the waves will go up. Although the boat will be shaken up and down by the waves, it is not easy to be seasick. If you blindly sway along the waves, you will be dizzy. Therefore, in the process of the master sailing, we all feel okay, but after wearing the anchor, without the driving of the engine, we began to sway irregularly around the front and back, left and right, and all the people were killed.

I drove the boat next door and saw a boat of the same style as us, which was really a very popular boat.

Our anchor was sitting on the bow of the boat and waved his cape at random, and it suddenly clamored on the yacht that was approaching. The charm was endless!

This is a photo of Qingqing and her husband ~ what? Where is her husband? Just above the motorboat on the sea in the distance hahahaha!

My favorite is the net at the bow of the ship. It is also very comfortable to lie on the top while drinking the juice while the weather is calm.

See if the plaid on my back thinks I am wearing a plaid shirt vest! In fact, because the net is wet, the clothes on the back should be wet after lying down and taking pictures hahaha!

JK Qiang, who has been in seasickness, walked over to find some photos with me, which is pitiful ha ha ha ha!

After berthing at sea for an hour, Qingqing also said she was dizzy.

Finally it ’s JK ’s turn to go on a jet ski, with the coach sitting behind him, why do they feel like they are full of love ...

Three hours later, we returned to Hongzhou Wharf and took a closer look. Tens of millions of yachts were moored throughout the wharf. It feels so cool that I just wandered through the world of local tyrants. Hahaha ~ Most of the yachts here are just quite here, and I ca n’t drive them a few times a year. It is managed by the Yacht Association here. And I doubt that the sail we rented this time

I simply took a shower in the bathroom of the sailing cabin, and it was already dusk when I came out. It was estimated that it was too late to go to Sanya Bay to watch a sunset. Just take a photo with the sunset on this Hongzhou Pier ~

Although we just soaked the water in the sea in the afternoon, we felt very tired at the moment. It might be that it takes a lot of energy to fight seasickness and waves. After returning to the hotel to put down things, we immediately prepared to go out for food. Speaking of which, I have to praise the little doorman of the Wyndham Hotel. After watching a group of us go out, I took the initiative to ask if we were going to eat out, and then reminded us specifically not to get on a tricycle for solicitation Those tricycles are under the banner of "1 yuan to send you to the seafood street", drag you to your small shop pit you, it is best not to eat in the alleys of the back street, fearing that we will be killed. It seems that the words Sanya and Zake are really inseparable. Even the local hotel brothers do not shy away from saying this, indicating that the phenomenon of Zake in Sanya is really widespread. In this case, if there are no popular restaurants around you recommended online, then you just choose a store with brighter stores and more people.

The mangoes in Sanya are really big and sweet. Many fruit shops provide juice service. A glass of mango juice costs 15 yuan, almost using the whole mango pulp. However, in order to remove the sour taste of the full juice, the store will still add a lot of white sugar in it. If you do n’t like the too sweet mango juice, you can let him add it.

The last meal must be fried scallops, and I can eat a bowl of rice with these juices.

Eggplant chaos into ...

Hainan chicken, really nothing special ~

Many people come to Sanya to order this carob bean, which is said to be a vegetable only in Sanya. The taste is indeed crispy with beans, but the taste is really like bitter wheat, very special ~

Little Conch, the anchor must order seafood for every meal hahaha, just like I have to eat scallops for every meal. The boiled conch is nothing special. The key to success or failure is to spit out the sand. When I eat the first sand conch, I do n’t want to eat the second one.

This dish of spicy crabs is super delicious. The meat of the crab tongs is particularly rich and thick, and the taste is also great! The price is a bit higher, there are 2 crabs here, actually more than 300. But anyway, I do n’t have to worry too much about playing. As long as it is not too much, I will barely accept it. The key is that it is really delicious hahahaha!

The next morning, the sky in Sanya suddenly became very clear, and the weather on the island changed. The buddies are still sleeping, and JK and I decided to have breakfast first. After returning to the hotel last night, everyone was as excited as chicken blood. Some of them went to the supermarket downstairs to buy a lot of snacks. While playing cards, they ate moon cakes and snacks. It is absolutely impossible for a group of people to come out and play early hahaha!

The breakfast buffet at the Wyndham Hotel is a decent breakfast buffet, which is fairly rich. Because we booked a seafood buffet at noon, we did not dare to eat more in the morning.

Although the breakfast was ordinary, the aisle at the door of the restaurant made me stay for a whole time. There is a row of lights like a big moon in the corridor, which seems to fit the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere!

The corridor of the restaurant is very beautifully designed. How can you not take a few pictures!

The small window on the wall can still see the first floor of the restaurant, how can there be a peeping feeling hahaha!

One second after the pendulum is finished ...

After breakfast, it was more than nine o'clock, and the friends had not gotten up, we decided to go for a walk in Sanya Bay first. The hotel is very close to the beach, turn left and you can see the sea at the end of the road, about 5 minutes walk. Speaking of which, I have to praise the guardian brother of Wyndham Hotel again. When we went out, we asked how to get to the beach. After carefully guiding us, he again worriedly reminded us that the sun outside is very It ’s not enough to wear a straw hat. We said it was okay, we also applied sunscreen, and we went out as we said. At this time, the younger guard was unwilling to come out and say that the sun would burn our skin, trying to persuade us to take another umbrella out. This guard boy is really fucking the old lady's heart.

For Sanya, it may be too hot or too early at 9 am. There are few people on the street, and I feel that the entire street and the beach have been contracted by myself.

From the road to the sea, there are many dirt roads, and the past is a blue sea.

Although the water quality of Sanya Bay is not as good as Yalong Bay, he is particularly long on the coastline, about 20 kilometers, while Yalong Bay is only 5 kilometers. Beaches with long coastlines always feel particularly expansive.

Every time I took a cool photo, I remembered that I didn't take pictures of JK at all. I'm sorry for him. I just flashed a piece to make up for him! Because this is just a three-day short trip, we did not bring a tripod for convenience.

There are many such broad-leaved dwarf trees in Sanya, which are particularly cute. It seems that such broad-leaved dwarf trees can only be grown in sunny places like the tropics. The leaves are large and each is short. It feels like a Q version of a big tree, which is very suitable for taking pictures!

Was the two little trees crooked by themselves or was it blown like this by the sea breeze? Funny!

Pulse back!

After a sloshing, it was only more than 10 to return to the hotel. The air conditioner in the hotel is more comfortable ~ We went back to the room and slept back to sleep. After about 11 o'clock, we packed up and checked out!

Because we have to change the hotel today, after we left the room at noon, we had to drag our luggage for lunch. The seafood buffet restaurant we ate was recommended by our friends in Hainan. It was called Longxiang Dayueyang Seafood Buffet Restaurant. All you can eat seafood. Steamed fish, steamed scallops, scallops, conch, conch, crabs and shrimps are all available, as well as juice drinks and coconut milk. If it is dinner buffet, there will be high-end ingredients such as lobster and abalone, but unfortunately because time does not allow, we only set the buffet at noon. It is a pity that friends who eat a lot can really try it. The buffet lunch is 168 yuan per person!

This is the outdoor dining location of the buffet restaurant. It has a first-line sea view and a first-class view. Unfortunately, Sanya is too hot at noon in summer to stay outside.

There are fried fish fried steak lamb chops and grilled oysters ~

These seafood are actually cooked food, if you like to eat hot can also be used to heat the chef.

All kinds of shellfish and fish can be cooked by the master, how much is eaten, just steam a grouper for five minutes, steamed scallops are my favorite, one person eats seven or eight ~

After eating the buffet it is already 2pm, and then we will go straight to the Forest Park Bird Nest Resort. Brother Sheng called Didi to pick us up to Yalong Bay. We waited in the shade of a small tree outside the cafeteria. JK stands alone next to Jie and Xiao Gu, the picture is too happy hahahaha!

The smiling trio in the car ...

We arrived at Yalong Bay Bird's Nest Forest Resort Hotel in about half an hour. The scenery in the lobby is already pretty good, looking forward to our villa. This time, because six people were going out together, a three-bedroom, two-hall villa with a pool was set up. The room type is Genting Cuckoo, and it is the only room type that can accommodate 6 people.

From the lobby to your villa, you need to take a car dedicated to the hotel. Each area has a regional butler. As long as you want to use the car anywhere in the forest park, you can call the regional butler to deliver the car. . Our regional housekeeper called "Just right in the neighborhood," because every time he called to ask for a car, he said that he was just nearby, and then arrived in about 3 minutes. I was forced to give it a full score.

There are five hills in the deep forest park. Our Genting Rhododendron area is at the farthest hill. It takes 15 minutes to take a battery car from the lobby. However, the wind on the mountain is very cool. The mountain road is 18 bends. The car of the "next brother" is like a roller coaster. It is very exciting. When we rushed downhill several times, everyone screamed with excitement. In fact, it was just coaxing, but it was really enjoyable!

Finally arrived at our little villa, they said they want to record the whole process of exploring the villa ...

Genting Rhododendron is a classic Chinese decor with a total of three rooms, one of which is a super king-size room, the other is a twin room, and the other is a small room with only one single bed. The bed in the single bed room is too small, it is really unable to sleep two people, our final arrangement is three girls who have a big bed room, three boys each one single bed. Really! It ’s really stressful for three girls to sleep in a big bed!

Open the living room door and you can see the infinity pool outside the balcony and the distant mountains and the sea at a glance. With a trace of mist in the air, I really thought I lived in the city of the sky.

The most amazing thing is the open-air infinity pool that comes with this villa. This is the highest point on the top of the mountain, which can overlook the panoramic view of Yalong Bay. It must be a refreshing swim in this mountaintop swimming pool! I announced that this swimming pool has been contracted by us!

Let's turn on the crazy selfie mode below hahaha! It feels like I'm playing to find fault ~

There is still a lot of time in the afternoon. We plan to have an afternoon tea and have a lap in Genting Park. This afternoon tea is included in the room. Here is a word, because domestic reservations are usually used to XC (a reservation intermediary network), and this time when checking in, the younger brother at the front desk said that we can actually book directly on the official website of the Bird ’s Nest Resort, although it is 200 more expensive than XC It's about a block, but it gave a buffet lunch for six people, which is actually more cost-effective.

The scenery of the Genting Viewing Platform is actually similar to that of our room. Hahaha!

This is the only path leading to the trial marriage room. Trial marriage is going to happen ~ Now this room charges a restaurant for 50 yuan per person, and guests can visit it for free. This house can also be rented, 9999 yuan a day, more pit!

Ge You paralysis in the chair where Ge You laid down ` ` `

We can't wait to play in the pool when we return to the villa! How can a waste of such a large swimming pool in my suite!

It was already eight o'clock in the evening when the swimming pool was busy until sunset, and then each had their own shower. We thought that we would not be able to eat dinner at the buffet at noon, but it turned out to be an excuse for overeating. It's very inconvenient to go down from the mountain to eat in real time, and now that it is too late, we decided to solve it in our own restaurant in the Bird's Nest. The evaluation of the Thai restaurant here is quite high, and our regional butler brother also recommends this one. We arrived at the restaurant at about nine o'clock. The waiter saw us coming and politely invited us to sit down with a broken face of "I'm finished working overtime." At this moment, the restaurant's resident singer has just finished his last song. Ready to go home, the guests at the last few tables have also withdrawn, the lights in some areas of the restaurant have been turned off, and all the atmosphere is telling us "just order something to eat and hurry home!" But everything is not important, we still have to be hungry

Even if you eat and play with your mobile phone, who stipulates that you have to lift your feet?

This milky white coconut chicken soup is actually Tom Yum Kung taste! Super delicious!

In the morning, we ushered in the last morning of Sanya. The Yalong Bay outside the balcony had just lighted up, and there was still a misty state at the bottom of the mountain. The cool air accompanied by the bird chirping in the mountain.

When it comes to the most romantic place in Forest Park, it must be the long suspension bridge that Shu Qi walked by. We arrived at the suspension bridge in the morning before one of the first batch arrived. At this time, no one was there. Our housekeeper brother said that during the peak tourist season, just going on this suspension bridge would have to line up for an hour or two, and it would be terrible to think about it. Personally, if you want to play in the forest park, it is best to stay for one night. The forest park attractions are very far away from the attractions, and need to be picked up by the sightseeing car. Tourists have to wait for the sightseeing car to have a long queue, but if they are hotel guests, they can directly call the regional housekeeper in the room to pick up and drop off. Very convenient.

I won't tell you that I was really scared when I walked to the middle of the suspension bridge! If I do n’t walk on this suspension bridge, I do n’t even know that I have a little fear of height ... The slightly shaking suspension bridge makes me feel that my feet will fall when I feel soft. JK said that this is my typical lack of safety Feeling paranoid ... blame me!

The three-day trip to Sanya has added a simple and warm stroke to our memories, as if we have returned to the time of gathering and eating, drinking and having fun while reading. We grew up together since we were young, once ran each thing together, and got together again, but we are about to go south again. No matter how far away you are in the future, your friends will always be there. I wish you all a smooth sailing in the future and look forward to our journey again.


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