Exotic Autumn-Eleven Free Tour in Seoul, South Korea and Jeju Island

It is already the fifth travel travel. Uh, I went out to lose again, ha ha ha, although I felt guilty, but I was big-hearted and embarked on the journey with anticipation. I have to say that our two little girls are really bold. Last time I went to Thailand for a free trip, my friends were really worried for a while. This time, I decided to go to South Korea for a free trip. After fear, after all, traveling with a beauty, I always feel that the risk factor has increased. Haha, but as I grow older, I do have a lot of scruples. I still feel very scared when I think about many things. I think this may be the last madness before I gave birth ... La la la ... or share it with friends My travel notes, I still hope to help the majority of friends.

Air ticket: 2960 (Changchun-Seoul) +1230 (Seoul-Jeju Island) +1702 (Jeju Island-Changchun) = 5892 yuan | 2 = 2946 yuan

Hotel: 397 (traditional Hanok) +272 (Seoul Girls ’Generation) +336 (Jeju Island Maple Hotel) = 1005 | 2 = 502 yuan

Visa: 500 per person

Transportation: (bus + subway + taxi) = 356 yuan | 2 = 178 yuan

Meal: (ramen noodles + ginseng chicken soup + Korean barbecue + seaweed rice + fried chicken beer + cheese ribs) = 1132 yuan | 2 = 566 yuan

Attractions: (Gyeongbokgung Ticket + Hanbok Rental) = 225 yuan | 2 = 112 yuan

A total of 4800 yuan per person

The domestic exchange of Korean won is 1570 won-250,000 won. The exchange rate is about 1 yuan = 159 won. In fact, the exchange rate is not very suitable. You can exchange it in South Korea. You can exchange fewer points in the country.

Depart from Changchun at 12:55, pass through Jinan, Shandong, arrive at Seoul at 21:10 in the evening, take the airport bus to Anguo Station, pass a convenience store, buy local instant noodles and the legendary banana milk, use GOOLE MAP to find In Seoul Hanok Hotel 201, the location of the homestay is not easy to find. In a small alley, the sign at the door of the alley is not very obvious. Fortunately, the Korean people are very enthusiastic and asked a restaurant owner to take us to the hotel. This Hanok is scheduled It ’s too successful. Although the yard is small, the environment is quiet, the courtyard is clean and warm, and the service is warm. Let ’s have a full meal on the bench in front of our room. Hey, I heard the female boss saying that the puppy at home will have a baby tomorrow. , Excited Nana, saying that when I was still asleep the next day, she went out to watch the puppy ...

Our couple cup!

Me and Me's second trip, take a group photo

Nana, the beauty

I do n’t know if it ’s too hungry, this instant noodle is so good

It ’s said that Nana climbed up on the ladder, hahaha

Looking at our little hanok, it ’s so comfortable, I do n’t want to think about it the next day

This is what the Hanok looks like, it ’s not obvious.

I wake up at 9 o'clock in the morning and cook my own meals. The bed and breakfast provides eggs, bread and tomatoes. The homestay is very close to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It took about 5 minutes to walk with GOOLE MAP. The ticket is 3,000 won per person. I originally wanted to rent a Chinese explanation at the door. The Chinese tour guide who just started, I suggest you still listen to it, it is very knowledgeable. Went to 12 o'clock and walked out from Gyeongbokgung Palace for 10 minutes and walked to Tushen Village Samgyetang. It cost 32,000 won. Nana liked Samgyetang very much. Nana wanted to rent a hanbok when she was in Gyeongbokgung. We found a place to rent clothes in the surroundings. We rented hanbok with many young Korean girls to commemorate. Put on the beautiful hanbok and take subway line 3 to line 2 to Ewha Womans University. I took a crazy photo, hahaha, really It ’s a different experience. If it ’s not Nana ’s perseverance, I do n’t have the courage to wear a hanbok on the street. By the way, be sure to pay a deposit when taking the subway. You can get the deposit back from the subway station and return the clothing , Go to Seoul Girls' Generation B & B (near Myeongdong), take a short break to find the nearby Jiang Hudong Baiding barbecue restaurant on Baidu map, arrive at 20:10, wait for a while to have a location, it is said that this store is very popular, in total It cost 44,000 won and I was going to visit the Myeongdong Duty Free Shop. Well, I did n’t expect to close at 21:30, so I had to take subway line 2 to the Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, and walked to Dongdaemun until 1am I had planned to take a taxi back to the hotel, but I did n’t expect to get a taxi. So Baidu Maps walked back to the hotel for 20 minutes. At the critical moment, my legs were the most useful. (There are so many drunk men on the streets of Seoul at midnight. Babies hurried back to the hotel)

Nana's fried egg

Free breakfast

Homemade sandwich

Endorsement for Luo Shi, too dedicated to us

Favorite drink, a little expensive

Mina looks great

Noon changing ceremony at the gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace

My favorite spot in Gyeongbokgung Palace is said to be a palace for entertaining guests and singing and dancing

Tusu Village Ginseng Chicken Soup

A magic weapon for a trip to Seoul-only in these areas

There is wood to cross

In front of Ewha Womans University

Mina said she looks like a bad sister in a Korean drama

Say I ’m like a good sister in a Korean drama, hahaha, look at my pollution-free natural smile

People are better than Hua Jiao

I also come

The big screen on the streets of Myeongdong, so excited to see us

Jiang Hudong diced barbecue

Wake up at 9 o'clock in the morning and still make homemade breakfast. This hotel is very ordinary. Except for its location near Myeongdong, everything else is average. Take the subway to the Lotte Duty Free Shop, buy and buy, and eat barbecue rice in the department store at noon, taste Yes, fly to Jeju Island in the afternoon, take a taxi to 5400 won to reach Maple Hotel, very close to the airport, and on the left hand side is McDonald's, less than 10 minutes on the right hand is Jeju Island Lotte Duty Free Shop, but at 19:30 Closed, wooh ... walked to the nearby fried chicken beer BBQ, the fried chicken tastes good, the meat is tender and tender, but the amount is a bit large, and it is a bit greasy after eating. It costs 35,000 won. The price of South Korea is still quite high.

Is fried chicken very tempting! ! !

I got up at 10:30 in the morning to go to the nearby Lotte Duty Free Shop to buy, buy, and go back to the hotel. I was going to go on the trekking path and strolled to some famous attractions on the Ma Honeycomb. As a result, the boss said that the locals did not go to those places. Caspian bath, hey, I still have to listen to the boss's words. At 13:30, take bus 62 to the long-distance passenger station. The bus is 1,000 won and the long-distance passenger is 2,300 won. I bought corn, peanuts and corn at the platform. The long-distance bus arrived at the sea bath in about 30 minutes. It was gorgeous. I also ate pure natural grilled squid at the beach without adding any ingredients, but the taste is unforgettable for a lifetime ... I feel that the time on Jeju Island is too short. I sat on the beach. 2 hours, while enjoying the beautiful scenery, while enjoying the food, a comfortable and warm afternoon time ... Return to the original road, find a cheese ribs shop near the hotel, the owner ordered the wrong thing, and you have to give it to us. I ca n’t afford it, but I still give it back to the boss, but the service is really good. It costs 36,000 won for dinner, 3800 won for the taxi to the airport, and the remaining money in the hand. I have bought a mask, haha, and there is a small episode. When we passed the security check at the airport, we still had a lot of drinks, and the two had a binge at the door. They had to drink and vomit. It was an interesting experience. 23 Arrived safely in Shanghai at 30.

There are two cool guys skateboarding

It's a bit cloudy, but it doesn't hinder the beauty of Jeju

Turquoise water

Big squid by the sea, unforgettable taste for life! ! !

Cute nana

I want to be a demure woman, hahaha

I want to fly to the sky, side by side with the sun!

Last Travel Dinner-Cheese Spine

Arrived in Shanghai at 23:30, it was too late, the storage office was off work, and I had to catch a 7 o'clock flight back to Changchun. I could only take my luggage to feel the night of Shanghai. I took a taxi to the Bund for 212 yuan. Very enthusiastic, haha, although many lights on the Bund are off, and there is still a slight drizzle in the air, but it has not affected our interest at all, patted, the last madness in the trip, stayed for more than 1 hour and returned by taxi At Pudong Airport, Nana bargained with the driver for 180 yuan, so I admired Nana, a good girl at home, hey, started to organize travel notes at the airport, did not sleep overnight, finally boarded the plane at 7:45 in the morning, the two did not sleep Well, it ’s a very, very substantial Korean free trip, we are the best partner! ! ! I hope that our two families and four people will travel together ...

Nana has been to Shanghai before and said that the lights are still beautiful

My luggage and me, when I went, I didn't bring a suitcase with me, and I came back with one more suitcase

Beautiful back

Look back

Lovely me, hahaha ...

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