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Shadow way to open a new journey

Hello Hello everyone, welcome back to "shadow way", also thank you to continue to support us. Before today's share, I would like to ask you: Once upon a time, do you have a moment, just across the bustling markets and lively crowd, find a quiet island, facing the sea, cast aside worries .. .... If you had such a moment, then it would please fasten your seat belts, we go along with the sea garden - hundred islands Dongtou walk around children.

This issue of Dongtou trip, we went to the Goddess of Mercy lion tamers, colorful fishing village to village white shot Diego sunset.

ON.1 Guanyin lion tamers

The so-called "Goddess of Mercy lion tamers" is actually shaped like a lion and stone Guanyin

Dongtou fishing village on the east Ao left the beach

Every time the tide goes out, it will reveal a large reef flat

The beach was known as the "red rocky beach"

There are two stone lions and shape of the Goddess of Mercy on the beach

The legendary Goddess of Mercy is from south to north to Putuo Mountain

From passing Dongtou

Here enchant a lion among the beasts

So call it "the goddess lion tamers"

But very unfortunately

Because the choice of shooting at the wrong time

Photographers go to sea at high tide just in time

So lead us to check out the location of the original seats lost

We can only Cui teacher facing the sea, silently "trained, trained, trained."

You may encounter this natural landscape

Under no camera to record its majestic

It is a pity

To give you a complete presentation of the faces of the Goddess of Mercy lion tamers

Photographer Chen Guoxi teacher at the end of the documentary film

The addition of a few days left

And finally in a forthcoming high tide in the morning

He photographed the faces of the Goddess of Mercy lion tamers

ON.2 colorful fishing village

Colorful fishing village mentioned, if your first thought is that Italy's Cinque Terre coastal neighbors?

Or is that Mexico is also full of art Guanajuato?

To be honest these places are too far away from us

In fact, there is a colorful fishing village in Dongtou

First came here, I was attracted by the village unique color

The village is full of life breath

The weather is pleasant, surrounded by water

Fuji is watching and photographing the sunset election

Sea breeze blowing colorful street murals

Into the small fishing village of color macarons

Blue sky and white clouds Colorful house

Literary fresh feeling blowing

Living in the urban jungle of steel and concrete

Just this small but beautiful colorful fishing village

If that is the fairy tale town like existence

Dongtou unique architectural style of the colorful fishing village house

The village is full of rich girl's mind fishing village mural


You can always find surprises at the next corner

ON.3 White Diego Sunset Village

North Korea listen to dawn crowing morning, evening watching the sunset

White Diego Village is a very distinctive island ancient fishing village

The people here, "sunrise and sunset"

There is a particularly suitable coastline shooting

Sweep, then there will be some nice waves prospects

But it must be to have a distant view of

Such distance will be a distinct extension line

Here to remind everyone to shoot the sea

Do not covet views can

And forget the ebb of the sea Yo ~

Because the water rose so fast it is easy to be life-threatening

These rough ground

Way tripod stand

And we stand above the ground is not the same

According to the shape of the reef slope

To adjust the height of the tripod

And the length of its legs sticking out of a few

Here let us enjoy the Sony contract photographer photography it ~

We all know that photography is also very important for the use of light

If the sun is relatively large

We want to get a long exposure how to do it?

This time, it is handy - by light microscopy

If you do not subtract light microscope, then shot to fill the gap

It is more difficult to get the kind of silk general

Milk general silky effect

Look at the screen with dimming mirror shoot it!

Well, a long way to eventually return date

On the way, he met King

In the "shadow way" to meet you

This season's "shadow way" and everyone here will say goodbye

Here for to give it our full version video

Finally, there is the video Egg Oh!

These are me and my little friends ( "Shadow way" in the second quarter Episode) graphic and video recording

Picture image capture is not easy, unauthorized ten million table reproduced without permission or commercial

Should the share, the entire article may be reproduced

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