Nice quiet trip Shu Kee Belgium - Brussels Travel Guide

Travel will change my mind, let me state becomes different. I should not have stalled, we must try to pursue their dreams. Bags packed, ready to start, to change lives. I walked, I suddenly re-understanding of their own, will want to know a lot of things.

Time is very precious, you have to remember the thousands in, read books, to travel, do not tangle is the first out of the house, or the first opened the book and read a lot of the time. Go to travel it.

Have you read the book, meet people, walked the streets, will precipitate

Belgium has a unique resource, is being favored place, it is like a traditional aristocratic, elegant, educated and abide by the etiquette, a little romance, and a little luxury.

And optimistic about the direction of the route, like the waiting time, it allows you to go to many places, the city passed through the fields, they are full of memories. Large and comfortable first-class seat space, not bound too much baggage with it with me through a lot of places.

He had been tortured by the pressure of learning they will want to quickly misery, but now will miss their own share of efforts, must adhere to the teeth to go, perhaps this is the process to achieve the dream, butterfly-like pain, maybe one day worries after the hustle and bustle, you need a meditative place, I like the crowd is dispersed quiet place to think.

Slowly walking along the streets, you will find many buildings particularly unique, everywhere it is the bicycle such vehicles, buy a local transportation cartoon row day.

Like to see the sunrise, prefer to watch the sunset after a day of wonderful gorgeous bright set dissipate slowly in the sky, which, as in life, even if there will be another eye-catching bleak times, but if it is what your day looks like? It is recommended to go to The Hague seaside walk and see, maybe the day will be a lot of people play here, but the evening is the need to think carefully about the stage.

In Belgium not to when I read the poor law and order here from various sites, we look at the European Rail locals but also specifically to remind us of his bag. The locals are very warm and kind. We all like to get up early, early birds can always take advantage of the day before dawn to take exceptionally beautiful scenery.

I prefer to walk, slowly walking to find another world, like a dessert to stroll in time, that indescribably good mood in Belgium is to eat chocolate / buy chocolate / chocolate do. Watching chocolate being turned into any candy, how could you miss Godiva classic? How would not taste a variety of styles waffles? They looked at everything will be better together.

Brussels must visit attractions Grand Place is certainly their friends, just a shot here is large, holding a cell phone, around the turn of all beauty; and here the Smurfs cartoon kingdom, to discover the memories of your childhood, will eat it is certainly chocolate, chocolate museum to look at, buy a fridge magnet.

Go to Brussels, Belgium will eat restaurant Chez Leon, you can choose the package, you can choose according to the actual situation, it is a necessary point of mussels, tomato and cheese to eat light mouth tastes, eating lunch when a lot of people, can advance to dining, close to Brussels Grand Place, the location is quite good.

Century-old Wolfers

In Belgium, in addition to the slow pace of life, the pursuit of excellence in their artistic craftsman spirit, more worthy of admiration. Century-old existence, is the affirmation of artistic creation, in Waterloo Street, wandering they met Wolfers jewelery shop, Wolfers witnessed the craftsmen spirit, heritage classic memory. Belgian royal family are still in service!

A quiet life need century-old sediment, will be able to put forward a few hundred years ago, "Every piece of jewelry before becoming jewelry, we must first become a work of art." This is such a brand, the pursuit of art and has been abide by the commitments. I think it is because of this artisan spirit and bold design innovation. Centuries of artistic heritage and adhere to the concept of innovation, has become a must genes Wolfers brand heritage.

Family, people of art and creative dedication, the achievements of many of the world's monumental sculptures. And in recognition of the contribution of the family leader Marcel Wolfers jewelery and even sculpture made by the Government of Belgium capital Brussels, a street will be named "Wolfers street."

As if the history of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium (Musees royaux d'Art et d'Histoire). Have a special brand exhibition hall, you can feel the royal art of jewelry inside. Due to the novel design and unique craft techniques and select jewelry for the rare art of embellishment brand, low-key luxury is loved by many European king room, so far, many ornaments have collectible value, and are basically limited edition.

Belgium is like a vivid history book, a large dusty text to go along with you, jumping out of the page, and then tell you how the past history of aesthetic.

While we are not old, eyes not yet spent, the legs can move, yet healthy body, take a trip, do not live the years, do not live so much beauty, but do not live up to your life!


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