Wuyuan Huang Ling autumn sun, Mountains in wonderland, looking for the most beautiful autumn - Jiangxi Travel Guide

Autumn is the season for hiking, autumn Nama sense of loss in the atmosphere, people can not help but want to drop everything and running away. Autumn is a season of self-seeking, all the scenery in autumn even more delicate abundance.

The trip to Jiangxi Shangrao, feel the "unparalleled in the world blessed," the first Xianfeng Jiangnan "Taoist mountains - Mountains in Wuyuan and to enjoy China's most beautiful countryside Autumn.

Day1 Guangzhou South - Shangrao

The first morning, we in Guangzhou South Railway Station collection at the specified time, take the high-speed rail to Jiangxi Shangrao, probably six hours. Upon arrival Shangrao, we take the bus to the parade track arrangements Sanqingshan, about 1.5 hours. After dinner, stay at the hotel directly, after climbing to rest tomorrow.

Mountains in the evening is live Walkerhill Mountains in Walkerhill is located in the World Natural Heritage Sanqingshan Jin Shasuo road, there are seven layers, each with its own characteristics of the room, the room is very clean, outside the restaurant, western restaurant, multi-gym , Keti, tourism ladder, etc., is looking at a comprehensive leisure Resort.

Location is good, in the morning you can see the mountain smoke on the balcony, holding a book feel, bubble pot of tea will be able to spend a day. Breakfast here is more general.

Day2 Mountains in

The next day is a stroll in the Mountains in the line is: Mountains in the next Walkerhill - scenic west coast - Sunshine Coast attractions - three Qing - Mountains in the previous day on the Hill.

Jiangxi say nice view, Mountains in the wonders of the world. Sanqingshan, located in China's Jiangxi Province Yushan County, Shangrao City, at the junction Dexing City. Because Yu Jing, Yu Xu, Yu Hua Sanfeng like Taoism Yuqing, the supernatant, Taiqing sitting out three mountain deity named.

Mountains in the south is the first mountains. Shiqianfeng King show, myriad waters and lush trees, habitat for rare birds, cloud wrapped around the fog, wind fairy charm. Mountains in Taoist mountains, world natural heritage, the world geological parks, national natural heritage, national 5A-class tourist attractions.

Not to mention really, ah, is enchanting Mountains in autumn, leaves, rocks, mountains are full of charm autumn. Thousands of style, poetic beauty of it makes me indulge me crazy.

Mountains in autumn is clear, it is full of fun, although there is no warm summer, but full of hope and gorgeous. Into the Mountains in the picturesque, cozy and comfortable wrapped your aesthetic taste fill you up.

Sights, Nagareizumi voiceless, pavilions steles ...... everywhere you unfold a picture of beautiful landscape volumes, heavy dark green color, Seiko dyed. Ancient trees, such as jasper lake embedded, deep and shallow, bit by bit, outside the meantime, a good school landscape of love, the Fest, it is location for a relaxing vacation.

After breakfast we take the cable car up the mountain, tour the West Coast area, known as the West at large, the tour guide said Mountains in here and the world's longest floating boardwalk, road widest, most open volley seen the vision, viewing gallery, is communicated Mountains in the north and south mountain Gold Coast, really beautiful ah, it is worth a look!

West Coast high-altitude plank road I like, feels like and proximity to the west coast along the cliff, hanging, scared, strange, dangerous, magic, quiet, all of great sigh sigh, feeling the reach of many scenic mountain-ah.

It's also super beautiful sunset sunset, clouds and sunset at sunset that will give you unlimited reverie, standing on the high-altitude plank road, the cool mountain breeze blowing in your face, take a backlit portrait, is really no way out.

West Coast spectacular sea of ​​clouds and deep Grand Canyon is also pretty good, when the mountain wrapped in a turbulent sea of ​​clouds, into the deep valley from a cliff, cloud formation waterfall, very spectacular. The foot is still unfathomable Grand Canyon, a little jittery yet.

Other West Coast scenery is also good, such as child prodigy negative pine, vows, Kwun Yam sons, Matsu statue, Monkey Guan-bao and so on.

Walk around the west coast we visit the scenic coast of Yangjiang, Sunshine Coast area is located in the east, the rising sun Mountains in place, no wonder known as the Sunshine Coast Kazakhstan. Sunshine Coast is a very busy place, the sun rises high, and there was still a foot clouds, fog wearing yarn, like travel between fairyland. See the magnificent high-altitude plank road, indulge in Mangmangyunhai, amid the fog, Songhai, flowers, stone sea.

Sunshine Coast and the West Coast is somewhat similar, in addition to the flat high-altitude plank road, a height overlooking the python is one of its major features, from a height overlooking the python out of the mountains, very shocked. Not only that, but also a panoramic view over the mountains in the distance.

Be sure to go to Sunshine Coast's thrilling to see the universe station, crossing Xianqiao, people walking on the bridge above, will swing around, the more people arrayed powerful, very interesting. Sunshine Coast can also see a lot of wildlife on the road a lot pavilion of the Sunshine Coast, we are tired can rest in a pavilion, tease animals, close interaction with nature.

After the Sunshine Coast is to go to three Qing oh, three Qing in the north of the Mountains, is Sanqingshan cultural landscape highlights, it is also the Taoist "open air museum" of ancient buildings. These ancient buildings and artifacts based on "gossip innate schema" compact layout, is the study of ancient Taoist architectural layout of the treasure. We can go to feel a long history of Taoist culture and art to appreciate the ancient architecture.

After three Qing is back to the hotel, the evening lived in the Mountains in the previous day on the Hill, Hill is located in the scenic Mountains in the center, to the South Park, West Coast, Sunshine Coast and other attractions are very convenient, but is watching the sunset to watch the sunrise a great place. Because the location is good, this Resort fee is more expensive, but well worth ah, the environment, Zhou mountains, the hotel offers a clean, facilities are quite new, good service attitude, good warm reception little sister ah.

Day3 Sanqingshan - Wuyuan

Third line is: the South Park area - Wanshou Park area - Wuyuan. Tour guide said that South Park is one of the most Wonderful Mountains in the natural landscape of the area, 1557 meters above sea level. Here showcases the landscape features granite peaks formed 1.4 billion years of geological evolution, is the essence of the Mountains in the natural landscape, natural landscape like geology friends should be very like it here. Here are more iconic attractions, such as Python mountains, Secretary goddess of spring, azalea valley ......

Python mountains tour guide said, it is formed by the weathering and disintegration gravity of giant granite columns, the peak body several road crossing the rift, but after millions of years of wind and rain, still standing. Its flat top, the neck slightly smaller, about 7 meters in diameter at the narrowest part, like a very abrupt, the shape of a huge python broken hill out straight away to be vacated anyway, is very powerful ...... sub-sub.

Oriental goddess, later renamed the Division spring goddess, it is like a whole mountain body shape beautiful long hair girl, good fortune of heaven and earth, gods. The tour guide said hundreds of millions of years, the goddess sitting peaks, face in the crowd watched in silence, peaceful demeanor. Legend of the West Queen Mother Goddess is the twenty-third female, name of Yao Ji. The world that she was Oriental Spirit, human personification of spring!

Go after the South Park is Wan Park area, Wanshou Park area should be the easiest Mountains in scenic spots, and finish than an hour, this is a theme to Cheung cultural life of the area, under 10,000 natural scenic peaks Qiao Shi muddy , Sianfong beauty in all contain the traditional Chinese Taoist culture life Cheung Road and self-cultivation. The whole area looks like a pot large pot, which is actually very fit with the theme of it. You can go to feel the cultivation of Chinese traditional culture and life Cheung Road Taoist self-cultivation.

Wan Park finish area, we came down to Wuyuan, the car is 1.5 hours, the evening lived in Wuyuan ink landscape ask deluxe room, ink Wuyuan ask Landscape Hotel is the emblem of ancient Huizhou culture and architectural elements relatively strong hotel, the overall atmosphere graceful, room decoration is also good, very local characteristics, but also clean and tidy, the feeling of home.

Day4 Wuyuan - Guangzhou South

The fourth day of the lines are: Huang Ling - Day Street - lying cloud bridge, bridge barrier heart - La Floret

Wuyuan Huang Ling area, located 7 km southeast of Wuyuan County Jiangwan Shiershan mountains, an area of ​​5 square kilometers. Mountain village is a typical residential shroud around the fan-shaped scattered stepped arrangement. Day Street Siyu village with the ancient classical series, shops, shop in front Square, an abbreviated version of the flow of the "painting." Huang Ling surrounding one thousand surrounded by trees, acres of terraced stacked tired, unlike the autumn of Wuyuan hidden human world, dream, go where you want to leave.

I heard that this time is the most enchanting look Wuyuan, Aoshuang expanse of red maple and black tiles set off one village, smoke, mountains, clouds form the artistic conception of landscape painting. Huang Ling on behalf of Wuyuan autumn, is not I do not know, anyway, this time Huang Ling really the United States to suffocation.

After breakfast we take the ropeway up the mountain, autumn morning Huang Ling, looking ahead very lax mental state, unable to say in front of quiet, for fear of waking this beautiful village. Autumn in the white walls and gray tiles and natural background, storied dye, and yard of micro-garde architecture of ancient villages form a picture of Heaven.

Then will see a beautiful picture, red and yellow, it is the sun of autumn, autumn sun is a typical agricultural vulgar phenomenon, with strong regional characteristics. Colorful emblem on the white walls and black tiles architecture mash crops, in the morning, quite beautiful, where the autumn sun is quite famous.

Day Street emblem shops, shop in front Square, an abbreviated version of the flow of the "painting." Every household rooftop sun disk gathered, drawn a picture of "Autumn sun people," Graffiti.

Tiyun people Huang Ling is really amazing, "Land Art", as well as people aspire to photographic paradise. Wuyuan is autumn color, Autumn disseminated earth. People autumn sun roof, red, yellow, orange and green, everywhere are colorful, embellished Autumn in My Heart a dream. Walking in Wuyuan autumn, the emptying oneself in the autumn wind.

After lunch we went Wuyuan Station, take the high-speed rail back to Guangzhou, Wuyuan autumn, I will see you next year!

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