When went to see the snow Rime Island, Man Choi inn this winter the best scenic spots please accept! - Jilin City Travel Guide

Rime Rime Island due to many and named after the beautiful, the terrain here is relatively low in Jilin city, surrounded by the river there. Hot and cold air in the intersection here, almost every day, winter tree hanging, sometimes for days not falling.

Rime is fog and moisture freezes on the leaves ice crystals, granular and crystalline divided into two kinds. Rime granular compact, small form capsules ice, and the crystalline structure rime loose sheet form larger. Jilin Rime belongs to crystalline.

Rime emerge only in winter, the best season to watch the Jilin Rime is the year in late December to the end of February next year. This is because of the formation of rime has its own unique environment and conditions.

The trip we destined to watch the fog pine scenery is really lucky. The wait two weeks, plus encounter good weather, take me feel more satisfied with photos. This is two weeks we are living in Rime Island Man Choi inn, in Tucheng Township, Changyi District, once through the village. The boss is very enthusiastic, very happy in their home room and board, I went Rime Island four times, each time they stay at home.

The play, did not expect to still be here met three photographers friends, three of them are students from Shanxi, Shandong and Jilin, and communicate with them very pleasant. We are here to experience the real customs and traditions of the Manchu, Manchu cuisine, near the town of Ula Street Manchu Manchu still retains traditional customs and many historical sites.

His family has a distinctive northeast kang room, warm. Rime Island Outdoor is the white snow, very cold, but the room was warm as in spring, very comfortable.

Clean accommodation, where everyone can enjoy the pleasant part of your stay time.

Features of Dongbei; chicken mushroom stew child, pork stew noodles, pot package of meat, northeast Luandun, blood sausage, butter a large bone, pickled cabbage stew large bones, large iron pot stew goose, homemade fish stew, etc., to satisfy your taste buds !

The most peculiar season, snow filled in the ice and snow. Cross-country skiing, ice marathon, all kinds of winter sports to bring you the ultimate enjoyment for you to show a hockey situation radiance winter carnival, let the body movement of cells are moving up!


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