Hulun Buir, Family Fun - Travel Guide

Son summer vacation, and began to plan a summer vacation traveling with kids. Heart to nature, quickly locked the destination is the best tourist season in the Hulun Buir Grassland, and let the boy to get out of the cramped city, flee iPad game, into the wide prairie and close to nature.

To save time flight, we chose direct flights from Shanghai to Hailar, although the ticket price is slightly expensive and out from Pudong, but without the hassle of transit. When the plane flew over Hailar grasslands, it reveals the journey is about to begin a stunning - enjoy a magnificent view of the river meandering song Mo Mi Spengler turn at sunset, and later realized to be such a global look at the river scenery, really get on the plane, but unfortunately seat next to the wing, there is a big picture in the wings.

Hailar airport from the city center very close, just 15 minutes' drive to the previously scheduled to Ctrip's Financial Hotel. For children living in a three-star hotel, feeling a little uncomfortable. But think of the future must live family hotel, three-star or good enough.

Day 1 Hailar - Golden Horde - Mo Mi Grenoble - birch - En River

Early in the morning, prior to contact good driver and tour guide pick us up on time flower girls hit the road. The next six-day trip will be arranged by the flower girls. Flower girls Mongolian, Manchu Chen, do travel has been more than six years, not only for the way of interest clear in the chest, but is a "woman man." This was later proved to be very important, all the way to the road is a challenge, not only need to be very familiar with the road attractions, but also to "courage."

Exit Hailar, our first stop we went to a free attraction not far from the Golden Horde, we looked for a moment to get off the door to continue on their way.

Then began a mad rush grassland, is to be seen meandering river Mo Mi Grenoble. It was verified "There is no road, there will be more people go on the road", the road on the prairie is one such thrust out of a car, if you encounter rain, this road can not go. To the commanding heights of a hill, we get off, I was shocked broad magnificent views in front of. Blue sky, river water, white sheep, green grass, white yurts, riding a motorcycle shepherd constitute a totally natural picture, even patting as possible and do not necessarily also be able to hold it all.

Then on the way to grace and, passing birch. Birch forest where there is only a lot of white birch, but which has a deer park, a photo with reindeer can Oh! They are all adult deer, and there are also gray and white, very long corner, when the camera is also very fit!

And immediately rushed to the Well and, stay over there. Grace and is a Russian-style village, distinctive wood frame house Lenz, local residents have more or less Russian descent. Well, and also an important destination point north line of travel. Whenever afternoon 3-7 points, to settle various people came to the village, the village would suddenly excited. Day dinner arranged by our driver and two other tourists from Shenzhen to eat meals together Russia, the taste is very good, the dishes are masters of their own species, especially the sweet potato. On the road to encounter the same or different ALICE, the fun is traveling, we two people in the next two days will always together, very talk to.

Day 2 and grace - Seven Card - Eight cards - nine cards - Riverside

In fact, this day most of the time in the car. But the way the scenery is very beautiful. There are flocks of sheep, they are super Happy drops, often turn on the road, we should pay attention to myself! Although the sheep are many, but super timid, you see a run. So to feel that they are basically no hope drops.

Noon to Shiwei, also a port. Because it is noon, under the hot sun village feel not many visitors, so we go to dinner and the Russian border river Argun other side of the village.

In fact, those checkpoints can not be seen is a checkpoint, actually like a village. Only a few outpost. Since the fifth card flood, so do not go after you have the opportunity to also take a look.

Truck ran far, far away, and finally to the legendary Riverside. He stayed in the guesthouse called "viewing right bank Villas." Inside the room is also good, also provides breakfast, lunch and dinner service, others are very enthusiastic, highly recommended. Listen Flowers said Tuesday that the family hotelier is her sister-in-law.

Riding in Riverside Nanshan watching the sunset is a good choice. You can go to known far and wide in Riverside Zhang ferritin rented immediately Nanshan. Super beautiful sunset, a piece Huoshao after hiding in the mountains, but also leave a glowing red sunset slowly falling. . . . . . But it is inconceivable that Master Zhang's clothes, armbands US 101st Airborne Division, he added his own military service, it is difficult to. . . . . After watching the sunset riding a pony back to Riverside, we continue to go home and watch the milking of them are his. Ridden a horse can free :-)

Day 3 Riverside - eagle beak - Pacific - Karma Moore Road Moon - nur - (return) Riverside

Have got used to the morning of departure, travel all the way to see the scenery. But this is destined to travel throughout the longest day.

According to the introduction of the innkeeper, is beautiful to see the sunrise on the North Mountain. The challenge here is relatively sunrise occurs at 4am, but since determined to have been, to set 3:30 am alarm clock to wake up when the children, drowsily came to the foot of the mountain began to climb, but fortunately also Kitayama it is seven or eight meter altitude, while on the summit. Riverside morning only ten degrees, to remind coat on.

But, but sad reminder of what happened that day as the sun would not come out about the weather cloudy and thick clouds, we waited a while after not convinced after seeing the sunrise bitterly down the mountain, only to see shrouded in the morning mist village and early grazing cattle and horses, can be considered a different view of it. Just kids mouth Lao Gao Qiao, only to enlighten his natural impermanence, paid to know, etc. Blah Blah. . . Back to the room to sleep, I woke up again already 8:00. About 9:00 we set off, visitors have the entire inn is the latest to leave.

Along the way, or a combination of the four blue sky, white clouds, mountains, grass. The species was on the hillside green wheat, yellow oilseed rape. Large tracts of the mighty, people can not help but admire nature is indeed the greatest artist. While we first went to the Eagles mouth, then the Taiping village.

After lunch we went to Mo Mi Karma National Forest Park Road, directed at its "South Xishuangbanna, north Mo Mi Road Karma," the name of the first, we paid $ 240 tickets (one for adults and one for children half price) drive enter the park. In fact, inside the general landscape.

Then again backtrack after running all the way, passing peaceful flower girls turning into a path, I think the whole journey started in the most difficult path, finally saw the most beautiful scenery - moon nur. Whole sections of the jungle is the only one in the vehicle width of several tens of kilometers of dirt road, the road is full of pits, careful step may be stuck to the car. This is not a driver are not willing to go places, do not expect in our original itinerary, but it was late, but the flower girls still warm with our progress, which is why I appreciate the reasons for the flower girls. Tossed to the destination, and finally understand that only the effort of more than ordinary people can see different scenery - beautiful moon nur sunset.

And so on back to when the road, not far from Riverside has already can vaguely see the village of little lights, like walking in the desert oasis of people finally see that we press ahead, while reaching the inn, has 9pm after three bottles of beer to pasta dishes we are ready to eat in the inn owner, today a full 12 hours of journey temporarily come to an end. While we are excited with, but they feel a little tired, the same whenever he woke up the next day.

Day 4 Riverside - Lovell amount Laguna - black hills

Since the very early dawn of reason, but woke up to get up earlier. About 9:00 we leave for the black hills. Have got used to walk through the green grass and white clouds in the blue sky yellow canola flower picture, the amount arrived at noon Lovell Laguna, bought some fruit and quickly ate two pancakes - this whole journey is the easiest meal, we also find the post office, from where three children sent a postcard back to Shanghai, finished continue on their way.

Four or five o'clock to the legend of the black hills, stayed one night, mosquitoes did not imagine so much, but wanted to climb in the window to see the insects, but also quite scary.

Day 5 black hills - Manzhouli

In fact, on this day basically in the car, we see Manzhouli already noon. But on the way to see a few people in Russia she made posters, I took a look at the Russian State Circus to Manzhouli tour, gave a child ticket and decided to go and see at night. Check the Ibis, which is back after a few days in the city live in the guesthouse hotel, immediately wash with hot water bath, the first time that a hot shower is also fun to very comfortable. Afternoon went to the set of her scenic plaza and abroad. All children want to nesting dolls are filmed with the camera, but found after a shot for a while this is a very difficult task, sets her too much.

In fact, traveling some improvisation is also very good, such as the circus is not in our original plan their journeys, but after watching feel good. Where the lighting effect is very good, very exciting circus.

Day 6 Manzhouli - Hulun - Barag Mongolian tribes - Hella Lovell

This is our last day of the trip, the sky began to rain. We proceed from Manzhouli, passing mammoth Heritage Park, we came to the Hulun not buy tickets to the open lake. Drizzle in the general view, but here there are selling grilled fish of the lake, taste good.

Next to the scenic prairie Barag Mongolian tribes, the weather began to slowly clear up, went to get off the gate, drank a prairie welcome drink, we are also dedicated to Hadad, very warm people grasslands.

Flower girls recommended us with horses dance her family's dinner table, which is the horse show, which includes horse racing, horses, blog, Mongolian dance, read a ticket worth more performance feel.

The opening of the horses, the children happy bad, for the first time to see so many horses, a kind of feeling full steam ahead.

Children see blog show, he jumped up excited, say something later, we also have to participate.

Horse dance some action really dangerous, to pay the actors behind, which gave us the visual shock

The final part of the race, the host will let you guess the winning numbers a few players, the children shouted positive number 6, to close holding number plate, the end of the race, it really is VI win, the host gave the children a lamb doll, very Yes, because of time reasons not to give the prizes to take pictures.

At noon in the area to eat roast leg of lamb, good taste, mutton taste good, no smell, grilled just right, and especially tasty, her family's specialties, not to say, the children did not eat, so I remember most fried onions on the sand, listening to the staff said, the sand on the prairie wild onions are onions, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides, sand onion omelette is very fragrant, I love it.

Hailar back, then came to the airport, unfortunately coincided with military exercises and climatic reasons, serious delays, the children took the opportunity to write a travelogue.

Compact six-day trip and fulfilling, along the way, to see the vast prairie, flocks of sheep, mountains and plains of wheat and canola flower fields, clear sky, floating clouds of various shapes, as well as China, Russia , a variety of small villages on the Mongolian border and where the people of the original changes in life.

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