Hefei purple mt outdoor grill barbecue place for day trips Hefei recommendation - Hefei Travel Guide

Already in mid-November, the weather was still warm spring, warm sun shine on the earth, golden leaves bathed streets. Such a good weather, do not walk out, really feel pity.

So, this weekend, and her husband talk a bit, decided to take their children to walk around the purple mt. Purple mt go not very far away day is enough, the child is still small, not want to go too far. Time of day just right, you can let your baby enjoy the autumn scenery.

Autumn picnic trips, outdoor barbecue is indispensable, our family is a veteran of outdoor enthusiasts. If you do not want to trouble yourself ready, you can recommend outdoor barbecue scheduled service on a particular treasure, Hefei search sweep away the light the barbecue. Free distribution of food, utensils. Very convenient, worry and effort.

Drive three minutes later, he went to the purple mt. Late autumn purple mt, the scenery is quite pleasant. Colorful leaves, mountains and plains. Autumn purple mt, unlike summer, autumn mountain, colored, colorful.

After first start to climb, purple mt is not very high, we climb by more than an hour, a little bit of sweat, just right. Body feels very relaxed. In the beauty of forward, tired of perception also reduced.

Evening at the foot of the mountain, we find the place a quiet place to start the barbecue! Children are very excited, happy running around, looking at the food on the grill, very impatient. Barbecue aroma filled the air, there was a squeaky voice barbecue, and both struck in people's taste buds, fabulous. Watching the children happy smile, think out of this tour is really worth it!


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